Do You Need Help from Others?

Of course you do. Whether you believe it or not!

Executives and entrepreneurs often climb up the corporate ladder, or develop a small business based on their strong core behaviors of self-reliance and resourcefulness. Many times they will surpass their bosses, co-workers and peers when taking initiatives and achieving results! They believe self-reliance is the key to leadership and success – aka, “I did it myself.” However, these same behavioral traits can limit success when you fail to build sustainable systems and develop great teams.

In order for self-reliant business leaders to be successful long-term, they must learn to develop the right strategy and mindset to build and use a strong team.

Self-Reliance Doesn’t Mean You Need to Do It by Yourself!

Listen and Learn. Listening to and learning from others is key. Being able to take information and make valid decisions requires a willingness to take risks outside of your comfort zone. Remember, you will make mistakes. There is not a leader who hasn’t made more than one! Garnering wisdom (e.g., learning from failures and successes) from your team’s experiences, not just your own, you can utilize your enterprising nature and energize your team to go past obstacles.

Work With and Through Others. Develop the skills required to work well with others: bosses, boards, investors, employees and/or strategic business partners. Be sure the expectations are clearly outlined and everyone is on the same page. Don’t assume that others will see or do it your way, regardless of what they say. Be open to allowing others’ ideas and input when developing workable plans that everyone can align on. Then, consistently check in on the progress to ensure everything is on track. Coach your team through any excuses by being open to developing new strategies and mindsets focused on achieving the required outcomes.

Don’t Let Boredom Sabotage You. Being a helicopter leader will not make you a good leader; and, will allow boredom to take over.  Get real about what is required for a project to succeed by rolling up your sleeves. Encourage others to lead parts of the project and coach them to work well with other team members. When there is conflict, be fearless in facilitating win-win-win outcomes. Learning to work through any obstacles to ensure the intended goals are completed on time and within budget, will minimize tediousness that every project or process will naturally entail.

Self-reliant leaders ask for and accept help from others. This behavioral trait is a gift when utilized to complete projects, support team members and ensure win-win-win outcomes.  For even faster results, hire a business advisor to pull you out of the limiting mindset, “I can do it myself.”

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

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