Your Bad Boss Style Can Get You Fired!

Many times bosses, leaders, or upwardly mobile professionals do not realize they have bad management styles and attitudes. They are unaware that these attributes get in the way of their business results. While most of their employees and co-workers hope their bad bosses will leave or be fired, there is an alternative – they can transform into a good one!

Good bosses are not born that way! They take the time and energy, and learn from the hard lessons along the way, to develop very good skills in managing people, projects, and financial responsibilities. Good bosses know that most employees quit due to bad bosses, not money. As a result, they do their best to be laser-like coaches, fearless project managers, and keep their employees happy.

Discover Your Bad Boss Traits

The following quiz will help you become aware of the “bad boss traits” you may have. Becoming conscious to how you are perceived is critical to your current and upward success.  Remember, no one expects you to be perfect. However, if you have more than a few low scores, you should consider alternative career paths.

Honestly answer the following questions using a Scale of 1 to 4:

1 = All the time

2 = More often than not

3 = Every so often

4 = Rarely

Do you:

  1. Want to be liked and are less concerned about being respected?
  2. Hold grudges?
  3. Discredit people based on their gender, race, religion, age, or weight?
  4. Ignore certain people’s on-point solutions while valuing less-appropriate solutions                                   voiced by those you like?
  5. Force your own ideas as solutions to problems?
  6. Blame others for poor results?
  7. Take credit for good results, even though you had little to do with them?
  8. Only do what you want to do and not what needs to be done?
  9. Have anger issues that you have not managed or resolved?
  10. Fail to follow-through and follow-up with employees, clients, vendors, and others?
  11. Put off what needs to be done until it’s an emergency?
  12. View golf games (and other outside activities) as more important than your business responsibilities?
  13. Value outside perceptions of your professionalism as more important than your employees’ perceptions?
  14. Justify spending money on your self-interests while overlooking the needs of the office or business?
  15. Micromanage self-reliant people?
  16. Fail to provide enough direction for those employees needing structure and guidance?
  17. Fail to roll up your sleeves and get involved in a project or crisis?
  18. Nitpick projects with untargeted or poor business questions?
  19. Lack commitment to the business or job, wishing you were doing something else?
  20. Only pursue ideas that hold interest to you at the expense of the company?
  21. Become righteous about your selection and promotion practices, discriminating based on appearance, education, current work or financial status, or gossip from others?
  22. Discriminate against employees who have real or perceived health issues, including their family members who do?
  23. Mismanage fiscal, human, and system resources?
  24. Complain about others taking earned vacations while you take at least twice as much time off?
  25. Find it more important to be part of the group instead of being their leader?

Add up your scores:

Score of Less than 35:  You may wish to consider a different occupation with no management responsibilities. The sooner, the better.

Score of 35 to 54: You may wish to consider a different occupation with no people management responsibilities or find a management position as an independent contributor. Don’t wait until you are fired or sidelined.

Score of 55 to 79:  With ongoing executive coaching, you may be able to improve your effectiveness. It depends upon your true interest and willingness to do so. Take a qualified job-fit assessment and a qualified 360-degree feedback assessment.  These will be beneficial to managing your career direction and fine-tuning your management skills.

Score of 80 to 100: Congrats! You’re a great boss. The bigger question: Would your employees truly agree? Take a qualified job-fit assessment and a qualified 360-degree feedback assessment. These will be beneficial and help you continue to be a great boss.

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