Do You Want Positive Results? Delegate!

delegate2Truly successful leaders have learned how to get issues addressed and job activities they detest done with minimal stress. They are great at working with and through others to achieve positive results through delegation. They know (sometimes having learned the hard way) failure to delegate will sabotage the successful growth of their company, ability to hire and retain great employees, and profitability.

Delegate the Right Way!

Select the Right Person. Delegating to employees that have the interest, skills and business acumen can create great working relationships. Give the task or project to the best qualified person, without basing the decision solely on longevity, job titles and non-critical factors. Make sure they have the resources needed. They will amaze you with the results they produce!

Create a Culture of Learning. When new opportunities present themselves, consider delegating them to your employees so they can learn new skills and broaden business awareness. In turn, this will improve job satisfaction and overall results. Don’t forget to make sure their current job responsibilities are getting done too!

Mentoring and Coaching. Create a positive work environment, where employees feel comfortable asking for help. Encourage cross-training and participation in group projects to develop each of your employees. These processes can boost their morale, build their confidence to try new things, and generate profitable ideas. Remember, to listen to their ideas with an open mind.

Delegating will promote positive and profitable results.

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