Do You Want Positive Results? Then Delegate!

Truly successful leaders have learned how to get issues addressed and job activities they detest done with minimal stress. They are great at working with and through others to achieve positive results through delegation. They know (sometimes having learned the hard way) failure to delegate will sabotage the successful growth of their company, ability to hire and retain great employees, and profitability.

Delegate the Right Way!

Select the Right Person. Delegating to employees or others that have the interest, skills and business acumen, can create great working relationships with employees and customers, improve sales and profitability, and eliminate many potential legal issues (e.g., the IRS, a judge or plaintiff attorney are not interested in “why” your company didn’t do what needed to be done.) Give the task or project to the best qualified person, without basing the decision solely on longevity, job titles and non-critical factors. Make sure they have the mindset, interests and skills to achieve the needed results. These people will amaze you in the results they produce!

Create Ongoing Learn-forward Culture. While you may believe everyone is too busy, you might be surprised to learn they are good at busy-ness in an attempt to alleviate their boredom. When new opportunities present themselves, instead of saying no because you are not interested, consider delegating them to your employees so they can learn new skills and develop business acumen. In turn, this will improve job satisfaction and overall results. You’ll be surprised by how much time they can devote to something that truly interests them! And, make sure their current job responsibilities are getting done too!

Mentoring and Coaching is the Company Norm. Too often we wait until there is a problem before providing necessary mentoring or coaching for our employees. This creates a negative perspective of asking for and allowing for help. Encourage cross-training, participation in projects, and team leadership opportunities to broaden your employees’ bandwidth. It can also boost their morale and build their confidence to try new things. Great experiences will normally produce unprecedented results!

Delegating the right way will promote positive results and you will create a more effective team.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

Jeannette Seibly has been an international business advisor, executive coach and management consultant for over 23 years. Along the way, she guided the creation of three millionaires. Her trademark is her uncanny ability to help business professionals identify roadblocks and help them blast through those barriers to produce unprecedented results. Contact her for a free, confidential conversation on how to get the results you need:

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