Expand. Celebrate. Believe.

imagesAJ1ZXBT0For an amazing 2017, it’s important to expand your mindset, celebrate along the way, and believe you can achieve the results for the goals you’ve created, now.

Great places to start:

*Believe you can, particularly when you’re outside your comfort zone and areas of knowledge.

*Learn to listen past the filter of what people are saying and get to the facts.

*Trust your team and the process that you and your team will achieve the goals.

Last week we addressed three hidden truths for what we need to do to stay in action, Are You Organized for Success in 2017?  This week we will delve into the final 3 hidden truths that normally distract a team and have them remain stuck, refer to, Your 2017 Goals are Meant to be Achieved.

Believe in Yourself and Your Team!

Expand. If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting more of the same. The secret is, build on the foundation that is already working because it’s easier for everyone (including employees, vendors and customers) to accept incremental changes. This is how you improve your sales, customer service satisfaction, employee engagement, and the bottom line. Remember, just because others have deemed something as a “Best Practice” doesn’t mean it will work well in your company! Use an outside facilitator to help expand the team’s mindset and learn how to truly brainstorm for solutions. Moving past your team’s inherent fears will expand what is possible.

Celebrate! There will be up’s and down’s and bump’s along the way toward achieving any goal. Focus on successes and learn from mistakes. Acknowledge and celebrate all achievements, big and small. Don’t forget to update your brag factors!

Believe! In yourself, your team, your goals and the process of getting there! This is your number one intention for the year! Building a healthy team requires they learn how to take initiatives to find the resources needed. Believing in and encouraging each team member to take responsibility for achieving the intended results will develop their inner confidence. Your commitment and belief in yourself and your team, along with focused action steps, will provide you an amazing 2017!

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