How do you handle an executive meltdown?

Many executives and C-Suites have lost jobs, careers, and well-deserved recognition by not handling setbacks well.

Anytime someone has a major experience he or she was not anticipating (e.g., anticipated a different outcome from a result, promotion, evaluation, or award), it can create a shock—particularly if their EQ, or emotional resilience, is low. Although you may not immediately notice the shock, inevitably there will be a meltdown that cannot be ignored. It will usually occur within the next couple of hours or days. Take time to talk with the person before the major announcement or interaction. This will help prepare them. Limit their interactions with projects, key players, or clients until after the shock has worn off. If a meltdown does occur, have them work on a low-priority issue, or take a couple of days off.

(c)Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013

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