How to Create a Sales Smart Team

Top sales performers sell up to six times more than their average team members. They fit their jobs and are business savvy when building relationships, facilitating the buyer’s decision-making process, and delivering as promised. Also, they have taken the time and have the interest to learn how to use the company’s products and services correctly. Hiring and developing top sales performers create sales smart teams — they make the difference between an adequate bottom line and a great financial outcome.

4 Actions to Create a Sales Smart Team

1. Disregard old myths. Too often we hire for perceived job skills and fire for poor job fit. Many sales managers still rely upon their gut to determine a candidate’s ability to sell their product or service. When hiring, many sales managers are seduced by a candidate’s verbal ability to talk the talk or believe younger candidates have higher energy levels than older people. As a result, sales managers fail to hire the right people. They also lose top performers, who want to work with winning teams.

Take the time to discover the true costs of your hiring mistakes and conduct a utility analysis on your current team. This information will provide clarity on where you need to focus your attention in order to create a sales smart team. (Contact SeibCo for the complimentary tools

2. Job fit is key. Use scientifically qualified assessment products to accurately assess job fit. Can the sales person sell? How will they sell? What will they sell? These tools will make all the difference in hiring the right person and providing coaching information you can readily use. If they don’t fit the job, you cannot change and fix them. Studies have found that assessing for thinking style will account for 50 percent of a person’s success. The other 50 percent is a combination of core behaviors (can they prospect, engage and close?) and occupational interests (do they possess up-to-date info?). All three are essential and will provide a clear snapshot of the whole person and his/her ability to sell your products and services.

3. Utilize on-line due diligence. Use an on-line application process, knock-out questions and core value assessments to attract more of the right candidates. Before conducting face-to-face interviews, conduct initial phone screens and use job fit assessments to determine their sales strengths. These simple steps will save you a great deal of time, money and energy in the long run.

4. Focus on the whole picture for sales smart results. Metrics are important and can help you gauge the effectiveness of your sales team. However, this will not tell you the whole story about your team’s results. Investigate: Are your sales people following your system? Are they generating enough leads? Are they getting in front of the right people? By utilizing the coaching information from the qualified assessment, you can provide the clarity required to develop and train with laser-like precision.

Sales smart companies understand that job fit is the number one reason they are able to create sales smart teams. Are you ready to enjoy exponential sales growth, while having fun?

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