Do you need caffeine to do your job?


“Your best performance of today must become your normal performance of tomorrow.” James Arthur Ray, author of the book, Life Unleased: A Blueprint for Ultimate Human Performance


According to a Gallup poll, over 71 percent of us get up every morning and go to jobs we hate.

Having a job you enjoy, engaging in work responsibilities that keep you awake and excelling in your career is a gift to you, your family and your employer! It reduces the ever-present need for caffeine to stay awake. It also helps you avoid boredom and surpass your norm—which can be very inspiring to you and others!

5 ways to stay off the caffeine

How can you use your current position to build a career that fits you and provides a positive difference in the quality of your life—professionally and personally?

  1. Learn the basics of the job, company and industry. Many of us fail to learn the basics of any job assignment. The key to learning any job is drilling down to the finer points. This requires rolling up your sleeves and not hovering at 30,000 feet. By doing so, you will uncover new opportunities and be able to incorporate technology to make the job easier and create new efficiencies. Don’t forget to inquire about the legal ramifications, P&L, ROI and other business metrics, and other important data required to make better decisions. Learn how to use this information effectively and communicate it appropriately—it will advance your career quickly.
  2. Build on the basics to develop mastery in your work—however beware of jumping from 0 to 100 and skipping all the steps in between. Learning your job is a process, and overestimating your skills and knowledge will create internal chaos and stress for you and others.
  3. Get out of the office and become a business partner. Meet with others during their coffee break. Never eat lunch alone. Set up one-on-one meetings. Interview other employees and management about how to improve the services and quality your department provides to achieve the company’s mission and vision.
  4. Network outside your company and develop a reputation of being the go-to person. Get to know others in your profession and industry, including their challenges and solutions. This will keep you out of “know-it-all” thinking that is often internally bred and can derail future career choices and options.
  5. Join a trade or professional organization—attend meetings and participate in events. Talk with others to expand your thinking and how to address ever-present issues and develop new solutions.

Ensure you’re on the career path that fits you and prepares you for future opportunities

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Jeannette Seibly is an award-winning and internationally recognized business advisor. For the past 23 years, she has helped thousands of people work smarter, enjoy financial freedom, and realize their dreams now. She has an uncanny ability to help her clients identify roadblocks and help them focus to quickly produce unprecedented results. Each client brings their own unique challenges; Jeannette’s gift is helping each one create their success in their own unique way. Along the way, with her commitment she helped create three millionaires.

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