Overlooked Human Leadership Skills Required for Success

“Transforming traditional leadership into human leadership requires building skills that improve communication, team development, and results.” Jeannette Seibly

There is a change occurring! Team members are leaving traditional and metrics-driven leadership. They are seeking leadership that focuses on the human dynamics that impact results. For example, “That’s how it’s always been done.” vs. “Great idea. How do you recommend we put it in place?”

During the past several years, leaders have fallen back into relying on their own opinions and feelings about how to address customers’ projects, solve issues, and execute programs. They feel it’s faster and easier since they lack human interaction and communication skills. The impact? Only 10% of teams actually achieve the intended results!

Develop Your Human Leadership Skills to Stop Team Members from Leaving You

It Starts with You:

Ask for Help. Leaders must learn to ask for help in sticky situations and office conflicts. Doing that provides a marked difference between traditional v. human leadership. Remember, the thought process that created the brouhaha will not solve it! It starts with talking and listening to your coach, boss, co-workers, and team members.

Hire a Coach. Yes, I mention this often. Why? There is a significant difference between coachable leaders and those struggling to become good leaders. It’s why you need an executive coach that has extensive business experience. The guidance is priceless. It opens your perspective when resolving complex situations and decisions while developing your human leadership skills!

Listen … Yes, Really Listen! I know I write about this often too. But the quality of listening is the cornerstone for a leader’s success or failure. An excellent way to determine if you need help improving your listening skills is by pretending you’re a fly on the wall at meetings.

Check for:

  • Do you dominate the conversation?
  • Are your biases getting in the way of new ideas?
  • Are you a naysayer?
  • Are you encouraging ideas or judging them as good or bad?
  • Do you ask questions to clarify?
  • Do you summarize (using the person’s specific words) to ensure you and others are on the same page?

Next, Develop the Team:

Build Team’s Critical Thinking Skills. You don’t have all the answers! (Seriously, you don’t.) Instead of relying solely on your intuition or gut reactions, develop your team’s critical thinking skills. This will expand your and the team’s “knowledge” and “know-how” and disrupt the traditional way of doing things. It also builds confidence and competence to produce the intended results.

Hold Team Members Accountable for Results. When a team member wants help, a human leadership approach doesn’t give them the solution. Instead, ask open-ended questions that encourage team members to consider the pros and cons of their dilemma or problem. Then, ask what they are going to do. Next, have them provide in writing an outline of what will be done. Finally, manage the project progress by asking, “How have you done? What’s in the way? How can I help?”

Guide the Creation of Win-Win-Win Results. Remember, a successful human leader focuses on everyone winning, not just the customer, team, or team member. So ensure everyone speaks well of each other, supports a good work ethic, and focuses on building a healthy team and customer dynamics.

Using good human leadership skills isn’t necessarily easy. If you want to become part of the 10% that achieve intended results, hire a coach and get in action to adopt human leadership skills!

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has over 30 years of award-winning international experience as an executive consultant, speaker, and business author. Her clients surpass the norm by working through sticky situations and challenging relationships to become positive influencers. Contact Jeannette for a confidential discussion.

A note from Jeannette about Developing Human Leadership Skills: Regardless of what you’ve read, traditional leadership still prevails in many companies. As a result, companies are losing team members, quality results, and paying customers! It’s time to develop your human leadership skills mindfully. Contact me for a confidential conversation on how to do it!

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