How to Improve Your Legacy as a Boss and Leader

“Do you want to leave a legacy of being a great boss and leader? It means getting real about what is required.” Jeannette Seibly

As a boss or leader, have you ever wondered if you’re the right one for your company? It’s a common concern that often goes unanswered due to fear and a reluctance to admit you need help. But remember, every great boss and leader started somewhere, and with the right guidance and self-reflection, you can grow into the role that your company needs.

The added challenge often overlooked is that when bosses and leaders are hired or promoted, the company focuses on today’s skills and overlooks the talents, skills, and natural abilities required to excel at the next level.

Decades ago, Timothy, a former company president, and his partner, Susan, started a company to fulfill their mutual dream. But when Susan suddenly passed away 10 years later, Timothy took over running the company. But he did not have the talent or interest to do the job—he did so out of ego, pride, and fear of being humiliated if he didn’t.

The consequences of not aligning talents with leadership roles were evident in Timothy’s case. He and several of his key people lacked the required level of integrity and competence, failing to develop the trust of others. This led to a toxic and discriminatory environment, costing the company money, people, and credibility. Ultimately, the company was forced to shut its doors.

Today, Timothy still believes he successfully built his dream due to his wealth. However, he has failed to recognize that most people do not positively remember him or the company—all because he was not the right leader for his company. This serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of not being the right leader, a lesson that every boss and leader should take to heart.

Most bosses and leaders want to be effective and be remembered for their contributions. Achieving this requires becoming and then continuing to be the right leader. This journey starts with self-awareness and self-reflection, empowering you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Are You the Right Leader for Your Company?

Get Real About Your True Talents. In an ideal world, everyone could do any job they wanted. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t have the interests, thinking style, and core behaviors to fit the job, forcing yourself (and others) into jobs or positions where they struggle, is a disaster on many levels: loss of results, revenues, reputation, and retention. It’s not just about your personal success, but also about the success and sustainability of your company.

Too often, we attempt to mimic others who have talents that we don’t possess. We take jobs that pay more or provide a better job title even when the job doesn’t fit our natural talents and strengths. The result? It will derail our career ambitions.

I’ve talked with many talented business people who rely on circular logic to rationalize why they dream of and pursue the wrong jobs! In the meantime, they’re sacrificing their health, well-being, family time, reputation, integrity, and quality of results. As most former bosses and leaders will tell you, “It’s not worth the price they had to pay!”

To avoid this problem, work with an executive coach who uses a qualified job fit selection assessment and has the experience and insights to help you get real. Focusing on what you really, really, really want to achieve and pursuing it is well worth the investment of time and money.

Accept Jobs Based on Job Fit. We often accept job offers, job promotions, or job transitions that are not in our best interests, although we tell ourselves the ‘big lie’ that we can fake it. Do you know of or remember “The Peter Principle? It is the observation that people tend to be promoted to their level of incompetence.” Don’t let this happen to you! Reread Get Real About Your True Talents in the paragraph above.

Trust has two dimensions: competence and integrity.

We can forgive mistakes of competence.

Mistakes of integrity are harder to overcome. Simon Sinek

Develop Trust in Yourself. Do you honor your word to yourself? Your family and friends? Or can they count on you offering the same old, same old excuse of being too busy, not having enough money, or some other common rationale?

If you wish to develop into a trustworthy boss or leader, the ‘proof’ is first honoring your word to yourself. Start small. Do one thing without fail and continue to build from there. Remember, one day at a time – and consistency is required.

Develop Trust with Your Team. As a boss or leader, it’s no longer about you! It’s about your ability to hire the right people for job fit and then get out of their way so they can excel. You’re there as a resource, guide, and advocate!

Building trust requires honoring your commitments to the company and its people. Your decisions and actions must align with the company’s mission and values, and you must consistently, without fail, hold everyone accountable (including yourself).

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I someone others want to work with?
  • Do I have the competence required?
  • Am I able to develop others to excel?
  • Am I able to ask for help, even when I don’t think I need it?
  • Do I fail to take trusted advice and do it my way by cutting corners?
  • Do I blame others for my poor decisions?

Be Happy. Too often, we become fixated on the type of job, job title, and pay/perks we believe will make us happy. But the truth is that happiness comes from using your inner power, developing self-confidence, and respecting your natural talents, gifts, and strengths.

Years ago, an executive told me, “Everyone is unhappy in their jobs. So, it shouldn’t matter if I fit the job or not.”

Sadly, many of you would agree! But the truth is, many opportunities are available today to create career paths that honor your talents, gifts, and strengths. It just takes you doing the right work!

Summary. In the long run, satisfaction and happiness are more important than a larger paycheck. You’ll learn that your health and well-being matter most — instead of waiting until you experience irreparable burnout to learn this invaluable lesson. Otherwise, it may be too late to make the needed changes as a boss and/or leader and leave a positive legacy.

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