What Gets in the Way of Achieving Amazing Results? It’s Probably You!

“Getting in the way of results is human; blasting through these challenges requires leadership.” Jeannette Seibly

Achieving intended results can be fun and rewarding as a boss and leader. Yet, too often, we get in the way when things don’t look like we believe they should! (Yes, that “s” word gets in the way too often!)

But there are times (sometimes too often) when you get in the way! This hurts team productivity, client satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Remember, intended results don’t happen by accident. They happen because you pay attention to the process, are a resource, and most importantly, you trust and value your team members to do their work effectively. This empowerment is key to achieving amazing results while staying out of the way!

6 Keys to Ensure Amazing Results

Be Present and Hear What Is Said. It’s not just about being physically present, but about actively listening and understanding. Too often, you believe you’re listening. Instead, you’re multitasking (a myth), and it significantly reduces your effectiveness. The truth is that your brain can only handle one thing at a time. So, you lose effectiveness, miss out on essential cues (80% of communication is nonverbal), and make poor decisions. Your team members, stop being engaged and stop talking! (Not a good sign!)

Ask Open-Ended Questions. Then, repeat what you heard to their satisfaction before building on their ideas and comments. Use this approach when offering feedback, if the team is stuck, or if you need more clarity about actual progress. Value these types of discussions, and they’ll positively change the results!

Be Flexible without Sacrificing Results. Only delve into how the work is being done if it’s clear the person is off in the weeds or stuck. Clarity and communication of the milestones keep everyone (including you) on track. Be prepared to talk big picture, and be able to get into the details, when necessary, by bringing in an expert (e.g., if someone is tasked with setting up a dashboard and it’s not done – chances are good they lack the experience, shy about asking questions, and/or need someone to guide them through the process). Now, manage accordingly.

Make the Tough Decisions Quickly. This can be hard but necessary when someone hurts the team’s ability to work together due to unmanaged conflict, differing opinions, and false accusations. If you wait, the issue will get worse.

Jane requested a meeting with a team member, Mimi, to discuss the legality of a new idea. Mimi sent Jane the conference link to the meeting, but when Jane clicked on the link, it didn’t work.

Three minutes past the scheduled time, Mimi emailed Jane to inform her that she’d been waiting for 10 minutes and that it was rude to keep her waiting. When Jane emailed back that the link wasn’t working, Mimi accused her of lying, lacking integrity to tell the truth, and made other accusations.

When Jane shared this with Mitch, her boss, he immediately removed Mimi from the team. To Mitch’s surprise, the team applauded when he shared the change. They had also experienced challenges working with Mimi and her aggressive behaviors when she was frustrated or upset. 

Set Aside Your Ego, and Don’t Let the Project’s Success Be About You. This can be hard if your job, bonus, or next promotion depends on the intended results. But remember that you must be an effective project manager to build credibility and promotability; this includes managing the technical and people sides of the project. When you find yourself about to blame others or the situation, stop. Learn diplomacy, ask questions for clarity, and build resolutions. Remember, technology does have glitches, and it’s not always user error! Work with an executive coach as a sounding board to make a positive difference.

Celebrate Each Milestone and Success – individually and as a team. Appreciation, acknowledgment, and applause work wonders to keep team members engaged and working above the norm. Be sure it’s frequent and genuine.

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Jeannette Seibly is a Talent Advisor/Leadership Results Coach with over 31 years of practical experience guiding leaders and bosses to improve their hiring, coaching, and managing practices and produce amazing results! And yes, achieving business success always starts with having the right people in the right jobs! She has been an Authorized PXT Select® Partner for over 32 years. Contact Jeannette to learn more about these state-of-the-art job-fit assessment tools or how to coach and manage your people to achieve incredible results.

A note from Jeannette: Achieving results can be fun and rewarding as a boss and leader. Yet, too often, we get in the way when things don’t look like we believe they should! (Yes, that “s” word gets in the way too often!) You’re not alone if you’re frustrated about a project, team member, or working relationship! Let’s talk and use my 31+ years of resolving leadership and management issues before it’s too late. Contact me now!

Now is the time to get into focused action! Are there days you dread doing what is needed to manage your people, projects, and team’s financial performance? You’re not alone! Everyone has those days! But continuing to hide behind excuses only hurts you and your future promotability. I have extensive experience and wisdom guiding bosses and leaders to hire, coach, and manage their teams successfully – this includes getting you out of the way and working with and through people effectively to achieve the results required. Contact me to learn more about my in-depth, one-on-one, customized coaching programs.

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