Selling During the Holidays! It’s A Gift to You!

Many sales people, consultants and entrepreneurs believe that most of Q4 is a time to coast due to the holidays! They buy into the false belief that it’s a struggle to prospect, network and sell “since no one buys non-retail items at this time. The reality is, true sales people don’t buy into this view and instead use this unique time period to do business and give themselves the gift of a bigger payday at year-end and during Q1 of next year!

Success Depends on Your Willingness!

Decisions can be and are made now! Clients have more time to listen, learn and buy at this time due to budgets that must be spent before year end, and new budgets being finalized. Your competition is lax. Remember, if the product or service is important to the buyer and you provide a clear value proposition showing why it’s important — they will buy now!

5 Sales Success Factors During the Holidays

Say, “Thank You!” People will have more time to read emails, review websites longer, and take phone calls. Tap into your client and prospect lists. Call and sincerely wish people, “Happy Holidays!” Ask if they have time to meet for a quick coffee or lunch and schedule it now. Show up to all of your meetings having conducted due diligence about the person you are meeting via LinkedIn and acknowledge any awards they’ve received, articles they’ve published or job changes.

Take Time to Reflect. This is when many buyers take the time to review the past year — what worked, what didn’t work and why. If you’re truly listening (and not playing on your electronic gadgets … you know who you are), they will share these insights with you – providing a one-time opportunity on how you can help them now! (Helpful coaching tip — conduct your own personal and professional reflection prior to your meetings (reference, 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results, This will keep you focused on the other person during the conversation and not in your head about your own successes and failures.) Remember, it’s all about them, not you!

Provide a Clear Differentiation. Outline clear and concise brag statements that get people’s attention by focusing on what’s important to them! In It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition (, it outlines how to do this. DON’T WING IT! Do your homework by reading the person’s social media activity; don’t forget to read the company’s information too! Tap into your network for insider information — this will help you fine-tune your brag statements and sharpen your ability to close the sale. Also, to maximize your results, review networking pointers in Chapter 9 and sales tips in Chapter 11. (

Follow-Up and Follow-Through. Be sure to use a tracking system to rigorously ensure you are engaging them. This includes being in communication before, during and after you’ve sent the information and proposals they have requested. Lack of follow-up and follow-through are the #1 and #2 reasons sales people fail to close the sale! The other top reason is saying, “I’m too busy.”

Acknowledge Others as Valuable Sources of Information. Ask for referrals from everyone you meet. If they say “yes,” have the person provide an email introduction to both of you at the same time, or setup a lunch meeting for a personal introduction. During any conversation be sure to include, “xxx says you are a valuable source of information.” This will increase the likelihood of them taking your calls and scheduling meetings with you.

Focusing your energy and engaging in these 5 sales success factors during the holidays will make all the difference in your year-end numbers and paycheck! It’s a gift to you!

PS: Don’t forget to schedule your celebratory January vacation now!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

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