Let Go of What You Think You Know as a Leader

In a recent article Are You Ready for Your Next Opportunity?, I wrote about readiness factors — skills that prepare you to be a successful leader. In this article, I’m examining leadership mindsets that often get in our way.

Many leaders believe they are ready to take on spearheading larger projects, groups of people and companies, and think they know how to get the results required. The question is, are you achieving the needed results through force or are you influencing others to be part of the change? Becoming aware of what type of leader you are, will determine your results. Without awareness of how you influence others, your mindset, or paradigms, can and will limit your success as a leader.

Let Go of 5 Limiting Mindsets:

I Already Know Myself. We want to believe that others see us the way we see ourselves. Unfortunately, we will often be incorrect in this assumption, and our lack of awareness limits our ability to influence change. If you really want to know how you are perceived (and real leaders do), get real by using qualified assessment tools that will provide information beyond what you want to see. Use these tools, along with executive coaching, to help you better understand yourself, how others see you and how to work better with everyone. (To learn more about qualified tools, contact me.)

Failure is Not an Option. We were taught to believe there is no such thing as failure! And yet, at times, we have all failed. Being unable to admit mistakes discourages others from wanting to embrace your leadership style. People stop listening to your ideas, thoughts and opinions – limiting your influence and your career. Learn how to share your successes, failures and what you learned in a way that elicits the best from others.

All Change is Good. This is a serious faux paus that many leaders make! Yes, change can be great and is necessary for a company to grow. But, first slow down, build trust and understand the reality of where you are now. Listen and learn, then listen and learn more before you make any changes – no matter how small.

Employees are a Necessary Evil. Get over it! Employees will make or break your success — they are your most powerful asset when you perceive them that way. Stop hiding behind your “busy work” and walk around to learn their names, interests, and why they like or dislike their work. Do NOT micromanage how they do their work. Simply take this opportunity to get to know them and their jobs better.

Asking for Help is a Weakness. It is actually a sign of strength to ask for advice from, and listen to, your business advisor, mentor and/or boss. Remember, everyone needs a helping hand, and only fools make the mistake of relying solely on their own mental monologue about what’s next.

Remember, your mindset can limit what is possible as a leader. Expanding how you think and act is crucial to being a good leader.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

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