Take Your Dreams Off Hold

There will always be economic highs and lows, jobs and bosses we don’t like, and life circumstances we allow to stymie us. We believe it is just the way life is. To further complicate and prevent us from taking charge of our careers, we employ worn-out excuses of not having enough time or money, being afraid of failure or even of success. Yet none of these excuses and thought processes will move you forward to achieve your aspirations in life.  It’s time to take your dreams off hold!

First, embrace the fear! Now, blast through it by identifying and handling the most pressing issue keeping you from your dream (for example, if you need money: find additional income; if you need child care: trade services with other mothers; if you need a different job: talk with your human resource department). Second, clarify in writing what you really, really, really want, establish a short-term goal, and now create a focused action plan.  Run it by others to ensure it will produce the intended results.  Third, find or develop a group of like-minded people (family, friends, or boss) to keep you on task and provide time- and money-saving ideas. Hire a coach to keep you focused on the right things and moving forward if you are pursuing a business venture. (https://seibco.com/contact/)

(c)Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013

Are you running away from your employer?

When you leave a job, company, or department, are you running away from coworkers or bosses you don’t like or respect? Or are you moving forward toward a goal? Many times people make job and career transitions for more money, but they are not any happier. Or, they switch jobs to find a better boss, only to find the new bosses have issues too.  Or, they falsely believed bigger is better. Remember, the grass isn’t necessarily greener at another company—it simply looks different from the outside looking in, but there will be similar problems. Take time to clarify your goals and life needs: it will make a difference in selecting the right employer for you. (http://TimeToBrag.com).

(c)Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013