Three Styles that Will Ensure You’re Doomed as an Executive!

Growing a business requires developing your people! Without them, you are doomed to fail as an executive! To be successful and effective, you must be able to elicit the best in others and focus on what’s important.

Three styles that will doom your effectiveness:

  1. Failure to motivate. While you cannot motivate others that are unwilling to move forward in their careers, you still have the responsibility to offer them opportunities. Laser-like coaching can make a positive impact. Remember, you’re responsible for each team member’s success. When you believe in each person — even when they don’t believe in him- or herself — unprecedented results can occur.
  2. Assess blame. While you are busy finding fault with others, they are busy doing the same! Taking responsibility trumps blame every time! Hold yourself and others accountable for results, as a team. Remember, straight talk, not what you believe others want to hear, is the key to moving forward together.
  3. Micromanage the team. When you become a cog in the wheel of progress, mischief happens. The wheel breaks down. Focus on the results and trust your people to get their jobs done well. Spot check by asking the right questions to ensure systems are being followed and updated when necessary. While it’s important to keep your eyes on the goal, having a well-trained team that takes focus action is also critical for success.

By developing your ability to effectively manage and motivate others, you and your employees will flourish and thrive.

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2015

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Jeannette Seibly is an internationally recognized business advisor. For the past 23 years, she has helped thousands of people work smarter, enjoy financial freedom, and realize their dreams now.  She has an uncanny ability to help her clients identify roadblocks, and help them focus to quickly produce unprecedented results.  Each client brings their own unique challenges, and her gift is helping each one create their success in their own unique way. Along the way, with her commitment, she helped create three millionaires.

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Are Superstar Clashes Getting You Down?

As a boss, it’s challenging to manage high performers. Most of these superstars know they know their stuff. Since they believe others are less knowledgeable and less capable than they are, it sometimes taxes them to listen to others. Even to their boss!

If they’re causing you sleepless nights, most likely you aren’t the only one. As their boss, it’s up to you to manage these superstars and their egos, to keep them engaged and growing with your company.

Look beneath the surface. We often believe that if a top performer does well in one area, s/he will do superbly in other areas too. This is not true. Unfortunately, if you’re not using scientifically validated assessment products to ascertain their thinking style, core behavioral traits, and occupational interests, you may lose them. Superstars hate to fail. Provide them challenges, not to be confused with busy work, which they are quick to spot and resent.

Expect good people skills. Too often as bosses, we overlook our superstars’ interpersonal skills. When we step into a dispute to resolve it for them, it creates more animosity between the superstar and co-workers (or clients). Instead, expect them to work it out themselves by a set time and report back to you the results.

Understand their strengths and weaknesses. Use a qualified 360-degree feedback assessment to focus on their effectiveness and not whether someone is likeable. This can help you uncover any of their missing leadership skills, and focus them on developing themselves for future positions and opportunities.

Remember, money is not a motivator. While your superstars may demand more and more money, higher salaries will not provide the incentives necessary for them to continue to excel. Find other ways of compensating them based upon results (e.g., perks, vacations, gift certificates, etc.).

©Jeannette Seibly, 2010-2015

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Transform your success into great success. Use a qualified 360-degree assessment to move you forward faster.

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