Want to advance quickly?

Learning how to work with bad bosses is a must. Recently I was talking with a fast-track employee. She loved her job, but, was bored. What was missing? She was shocked to learn she needed to take the initiative. Instead, she blamed her last two managers and referred to them as “bad bosses.” She felt this perception justified her lack of advancement.  And added, “Everyone else thinks they are bad too.” One of my clients had very similar circumstances; however, he ended up with a very different result. He hired me as his coach! His first assignment was to get on the same page with this “bad boss” by having a conversation face-to-face! He made the comment, “If I had known I needed to do this, I never would have hired you!” My response? “ Good thing. Because now you can have the upward mobility you’ve been craving!” He did the work. Received the praise and was slated for a huge promotion by the CEO! The truth is you will always work with and for others that you don’t like, and won’t do it your way. Labelling them “bad bosses” only hinders your advancement for the next job, promotion or pay increase. Jeannette Seibly has been an international business and executive coach for over 20 years. She has guided the creation of three millionaires. Are you the next one? http://SeibCo.com/contact

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