Work Smart and Have Fun — Yes, You Can Do It!

Too often, business leaders fall into the endless trap of believing they need to “work harder” in order to get the results they want, have people do what they want to have done, or to simply look good to their co-workers and bosses. This never ending “hamster on the proverbial wheel” is very tiring and prevents them from making positive differences, having fun and enjoying financial freedom.

Working smarter requires us to become conscious of what we are doing and how we are doing it! Being present, believing in our company, work and people, and doing the job in a manner that makes a positive difference, are all important to working smarter.

Create a Can Do Attitude

Now is the Perfect Time! What are your excuses for not pursuing your goals and getting those projects done now? Write down your reasons why. Now, write down your excuses for those reasons why. Keep writing the “why’s for those reasons why” until you’ve gotten to the real fear! When you become consciously aware of exactly what is stopping you, you can make true changes. This process awakens natural and creative ways to simplify and streamline your job duties — freeing you up to pursue other goals.

Create Inspiring Goals. Many of us set goals that are simply tasks to be done. When we’re not inspired, they don’t get accomplished. Our brains love urgency. After you’ve written your goal and declared a completion date, cut it in half! And, add a zero! For example, I want to invoice $10,000 by July 1 (today is May 31). New goal: I intend to invoice $100,000 by June 15th! This will require you and your team to get into immediate action, and for you to stay engaged in the process.

Become an Expert! Today, many companies are relying upon their systems to determine what they can and cannot do! Business leaders don’t take the time to answer “why” the system is setup the way it is. Experts excel when they question why, by learning how a system is setup and how it impacts their business. This knowledge makes them an expert. For example, property management companies rely upon their systems to determine if potential tenants are credit worthy. The problem is, most property managers cannot answer the why some are accepted and some are not. This causes needless upset and negative social media postings, which can be prevented when you become an expert and know how to ensure your systems provide win-win-win outcomes.

Feel Good about your Accomplishments! Learn to brag in a business savvy manner — it gives voice to your achievements and focuses you on your strengths.  It inspires others to do the same! Take a couple of minutes at the end of each day to write down your achievements for the day and setup tomorrow’s “must do’s.” Now, go and have fun – you deserve it! (

When you work smarter to achieve your goals with a can-do attitude, your career will be more rewarding and a lot more fun.

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2016

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