Working with Elitists

The truth is there are business professionals who falsely believe they are smarter or better than others. They fail to listen to others’ ideas and are unable to work with and through people to get the job done. Their disrespectful attitudes are bad habits, and it’s highly unlikely you can change them. To engage them, stay away from declarative statements and ask “What if …” type questions.  Remember, these folks require ideas to be their own and will rarely share any credit with you—unless, of course, there is a failure!

(c)Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013

1 thought on “Working with Elitists”

  1. I thank the Heavens above that I’m in a position where I can choose to decline any client I don’t want to work with.

    Maybe it’s a tad elitist of me, but I will not work with someone like you described here.

    Adults shouldn’t have to be pacified to maintain their ego-maniac status quo.

    I got my fill of these types during the years I worked in retail. Never again… at least, if I can help it.

    Interesting (and VERY relatable) post 🙂


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