Would you allow 2 miles or 2 minutes to get in the way of achieving your results?

Unfortunately, many of us do. We are afraid to ask for help or clarification on a project, or get a reality check on an idea. We won’t ask for directions on how to get to a meeting.  We don’t plan or prepare for meetings, rationalizing we are too busy. After a networking meeting, we don’t take two minutes to connect via email or LinkedIn.  These lost opportunities cost companies millions!

A true story! When someone was late for a meeting due to lack of planning on where the restaurant was located, they simply gave up. They didn’t use technology (411 (directory assistant), GPS, or MapQuest). The restaurant was only 2 miles away!

Question: Would you work with someone who gave up so easily? What opportunities were lost? 

Answer:  We’ll never know!

Get in focused action. Stop rationalizing why you don’t want to or shouldn’t have to! These excuses take the same amount of energy and time as getting into action!  The question to ask yourself: What is the best use of my time? Now write down a brief outline of what needs to be done and take the first step.

Ask for advice. You look competent when you ask others for their opinions. It shows you wish to solve an issue, move forward to complete a stopped project, or get where you are going. The key is to take the recommendations and follow-through – these few minutes will set you apart from your competition.

Ask the right questions up front. Working smarter means asking for clarification (e.g., timeframe, budget, important information) at the beginning of a project or a plan to resolve any challenges. It takes less than two minutes to ask, and saves mega-time, money and frustration.

 A critical question to ask: What needs to happen for this project to be completed on time and within budget while achieving the necessary goals and outcomes? Yes, the response may take 20 minutes. (Hint: 20 minutes now vs. 20+ hours later)

Plan ahead for 100% success. Plan for breakdowns and pitfalls. They are a reality. When they do happen, do not allow them to stop you. That is what speed dial and social media connections are for — ask your network for input, be responsible for any confidential issues. Meet with your business advisor or coach (or retain one) to clarify what the true issue is. (Hint: If the issue persists, you haven’t gotten to the source of the problem and taken the right actions required to resolve it. Keep digging.)

Taking the two minutes or driving the two miles will make you unstoppable, and have you create unprecedented results!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2010-2015

It can be lonely at the top! An experienced business advisor, always accessible and at a nearby desk can make a positive and powerful difference for you, and your employees. My goal is to be your in-house advisor, your ally and sounding board as you navigate the complex world of your business! (Contact: JLSeibly@SeibCo.com OR 303-917-2993)

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