Your 2017 Goals are Meant to be Achieved

It’s that time of year to create resolutions, establish goals and visualize your successes! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, without designing the process for success and being aware of the hidden truths required to achieve your goals, you will probably ditch 2017 intentions within the next couple of weeks. How can you prevent that from happening?

3 Basics to Create 2017 Successes

Make your written goals specific. Create goals that are meaningful to you, your company, and family. For example, over 71% (a Gallup poll) of employees, business owners and entrepreneurs are working in jobs that they dislike. If you dislike your work responsibilities, your goal may be, “receive a job offer of _(fill in the blank)__ by June 1, 2017.” Or, since most employees are only unhappy because of their boss’s style and/or co-workers’ attitudes, your goal may be, “respect my boss and co-workers by finding value in their ideas daily.”

Take focused-action steps. Put together an action plan that will actually move you forward and produce the intended result. For example, receiving a million-dollars during 2017 may not be financially possible. However, creating a 5-year plan (or longer), learning about investments, saving instead of spending, and living within your income will get you there!

Track your progress. Success breeds more success. There are more ways to do this than I can ever describe. For example, I have posted on my bulletin board a graphic with boxes. Every time I receive $100 (you pick your amount), I color in a box to visually show my progress (there are days I color in a lot of boxes!). And, my 2017 goal is written on the back of the graphic.

9 Hidden Truths Required to Achieve Your Goals

Motivate. There will be times you just don’t feel like it! Remember, that little voice in your head is not necessarily your friend or the truth! In my newest book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition, Chapter 14, there are easy exercises to remind you of how amazing you really are and keep you motivated!

Pursue. Since most plans don’t work out according to the original plan, learn how to work through disappointment, mistakes or failures as they occur. Pursue solutions now before the challenge grows larger.

Trust. Learning to trust yourself only requires you to take one step daily. Create a realistic plan so you don’t attempt to run the entire marathon on your first, second, or third day (or week) of training. For example, if your goal is to write a book, trust yourself to write a chapter daily or weekly by scheduling the time and doing it. When you fail to do so, simply reschedule and get it done before you stop trusting yourself.

Forgive. Forgive yourself for what you said you would do and haven’t done, and things you’ve said and didn’t mean, etc. Clean up misunderstandings directly with the person, team or boss. Forgive others for what they have said or done. Remember, your perceptions aren’t always right, and sharing those perceptions with others will only create mischief!

Get a Coach. Too often we believe we need to rely only on ourselves. However, it’s a fact that successful people hire coaches! With the right tools and coach, you will blast through areas that are holding you back, create the right team and achieve the best solutions.

Organize. Organization helps you get things done faster by not wasting time looking for things and getting distracted. (Hint: schedule 20 minutes at a time to declutter and stay organized).

Expand. Open your mind by attending a class or workshop to learn something new.

Celebrate! Take time to celebrate the small and big successes, with yourself and with your team.

Believe! In yourself, your team, and your goals. This is your number one intention for the year! Without it, everything listed above will be for naught. (For additional insights, Is 2017 Your Year to Achieve Amazing Results? )

Your 2017 goals are meant to be achieved! Doing so will build success now and for your future.

©2017 Jeannette Seibly

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