When You Fail, Admit It!

It’s hard to admit when you make mistakes; particularly when you believe others may want to use them against you. When you are able to acknowledge you’re not perfect or that you don’t know everything, others find you easier to work with and are more forgiving when you do make mistakes.

The value of admitting you’ve made mistakes is you can share what you’ve learned from them. Shrugging off mistakes as no big deal and coming up with a myriad of excuses as to why they happen diminishes your credibility as a leader.

Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities

Tell It Like It Is. By reviewing what specifically worked and what didn’t work, you can easily determine what actually happened. Accept what is and refrain from spinning the mistakes to make you look better. Share with the team to open up the conversation about what to do differently and to brainstorm new solutions. (See, 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results, http://ow.ly/1KEG305HHpt)

Accept Mistakes Made by Others. Everyone makes mistakes. As a leader, it’s important that you help others learn from the mistakes they make. They are more apt to want to learn from you if you can share mistakes that mirror the ones they made.

Keep Making the Same Mistakes. This is usually a sign you need to reevaluate your career choice. When you keep making the same or similar mistakes, you may not be in the right career or you may need to modify your job responsibilities. Do it now before your career is sidelined or your job opportunities have diminished. (See, It’s Time to Brag! Career Edition http://Time2Brag.com )

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