Ask for Help!

It’s the trademark of many successful business leaders.

Unfortunately, we rationalize we don’t have time to ask for help. We are afraid to ask for clarification of a project due to our pride. We falsely believe we know what our boss, company or client needs without asking for their input. As a result, we lose countless hours and fail to achieve intended results. These lost opportunities cost companies millions!

A true story! When someone was late for a meeting due to lack of planning on where the restaurant was located, they simply gave up. They didn’t ask for help or use technology (411 (directory assistant), GPS, or MapQuest).The restaurant was only 2 miles away!

Question: Would you want to work with someone who didn’t know how to ask for help? What opportunities did they lose out on? 

Answer: We’ll never know!

Get in action. Stop rationalizing why you don’t want to! Asking questions of others takes the same amount of energy as rationalizing!  When seeking advice, we look competent. It helps us resolve an issue, move forward to complete a stopped project, or arrive at our intended destination. Asking for help allows us to follow through and sets us apart from our competition.

Working smarter, not harder, means asking for clarification up front.  Ask the right questions, and then stay focused. It takes less than two minutes to ask a question, and saves mega time, money and frustration in doing unnecessary work when we truly listen to the answer. Yes, the response may take 20 minutes, or longer.  (Hint: 20 minutes now vs. 20+ hours later)

Plan ahead for 100% success. Ask about potential breakdowns and pitfalls. They are a reality. Known challenges will not stop you, it’s the unknown that limits your ability to have a successful outcome.

Don’t be afraid to use technology, ask people, meet with advisors and review your own systems for the answers. Take the extra time to conduct your due diligence. It will create opportunities for being unstoppable and have you achieve unprecedented results!

Jeannette Seibly has been an international business and executive coach for over 20 years. She has guided the creation of three millionaires. Are you the next one?

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2010-2014

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