Expand and Be Frisky for More Success!

A business owner achieved his dream! He sold his business. However, within several months, he was bored! Instead of building on his success, he focused on his boredom and became self-absorbed. With coaching, he expanded his limiting beliefs and realized he had a lot to contribute to others. He learned how to share his evolution of being a successful businessman, expand their knowledge and how to have fun.

Congrats! You that have just completed a major project or event, launched a dream or sold your business.

The question often is, “What’s next?”

The answer is, “Build on what you’ve accomplished.”

Celebrate. Be magnanimous. You didn’t do it by yourself. Create a get-together that includes everyone involved in the success. During this event, have everyone review, write down and share, “What worked?” and “What didn’t work?” Make sure you acknowledge each person for their contributions. (See, 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results, http://ow.ly/1KEG305HHpt). Share the insights gleaned from this celebration with the next leader, as you turn-over the reins.

Brag. Hubris often leads to being thought of as egotistical and no one wants to work with you. Use the 5 steps in It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition, and get specific about your accomplishments. Then, learn how to share them in a business savvy manner to entice others to want to work with you in their ventures. (Get your copy of the book, http://BizSavvyBrag.com )

Give It Away. Turn over the reins. For ongoing projects and events, or new company ownership, remember, you’re no longer the leader. It’s someone else’s turn, even if you’ve been asked to stay. Consider they won’t do it the way you did it and that’s OK. Be available to answer any questions, speak well of their progress and support them as requested (and as appropriate). Keep your stay short and leave on a positive note.

Help Others. It expands your success through your contributions to their successes! Be available to others working on similar projects or challenges. By using your Brag statements, you can help build awareness of what is possible for others — and yourself, if you choose to launch another venture.

Be Frisky. Enjoy and have fun! The keys are, enjoy your work and schedule time to honor the other important things in your life (e.g., family, community, fitness, etc.). Focus on working with people you enjoy, help them build on their successes and failures.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

Why is it important to learn how to brag in a business savvy manner? Sharing your successes builds new opportunities for what’s next! Learn how by getting your copy of, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition today: http://BizSavvyBrag.com

Jeannette Seibly has been a business advisor and executive coach for 24 years; along the way she’s guided the creation of three millionaires. She is laser sharp at identifying the leverage points that will create success and attract new opportunities. Check out her website, http://SeibCo.com, or contact Jeannette for a free, confidential conversation at http://SeibCo.com/contact. Remember to get your copy of her newest book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition: http://BizSavvyBrag.com

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