Is 2017 Your Year to Achieve Amazing Results?

A couple of years ago I took a strategic business workshop and achieved a 127% increase in sales that year! How did that happen? I had to get real and take new actions consistent with creating new outcomes!

It’s that time of year – time to complete 2016 and prepare for 2017. We often get excited about a New Year, quarter or month, hoping for different results without reviewing what we’ve actually accomplished to-date. Creating 2017 without completing 2016 only ensures a repeat of 2016! (You may wish to reread that sentence!) When creating your 2017 goals, be sure to incorporate new actions that will support achieving these new goals.

New Results Require New Actions

Complete the Past. If you haven’t done this, make this an important part of your quarterly and annual reviews. Being aware of our accomplishments and sharing them appropriately builds on future successes. Complete the five steps outlined in the book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition and review them frequently. This new action will build a natural inner confidence, attract new opportunities and build credibility in your sales presentations! (

Make Objective Decisions. Business decisions based on good, objective data rather than how you feel in the moment will improve your results. Whether it’s using qualified assessments for hiring, reviewing financial forecasting with current numbers, or reading the fine print before signing an agreement, each requires taking responsibility for how you make your business decisions. Your new actions include: hire an attorney to review or write legal documents, use a system to capture all accounting data (and keep it up-to-date), and use a business advisor to keep you focused on the right things.

Create Strategic Alignment. When you find something is not working, stop! Don’t just try to power through. Instead, review where you are not aligned with the outcome. Your new action is to have straight conversations with your business advisor or coach to review your 2017 goals to prevent derailing yourself. Derailment often happens when you are bored with the same-old activities and no new results, or stopped by challenges that seem insurmountable. The new other new actions are to truly listen, be coachable, and design actions you will complete so you move forward to achieve your intended outcomes. Remember, to include the right people and create the right environment to support your efforts.

Develop a Winning Mindset. Whether you know it or not, your mental monologue and inner beliefs determine your willingness to take the right actions to get the intended results. Clarity, a focused action plan, and taking initiative to obtain the necessary resources are new actions that will help you avoid busy-work and doing things simply because they feel good in the moment.

Using these four new actions will help you get and stay on track in 2017.

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