Grey hair does matter — Uncertain about what to do next?

Many baby boomers are retiring and are uncertain about what they want to do next. Many know they need to keep working and have a wealth of experience to share. They believe their options are either part-time to give them something to do, or full-time to fund their retirement accounts. Even though these grey-heads are well-qualified and experienced, many companies don’t recognize the value and skills they can provide. The bottom line is grey-haired people still have a lot to contribute to an organization and need to get their brag on!

The challenge: How do people find work and job options that fit them? Studies show that when people have the interests, core behaviors and thinking styles that fit their jobs, they are much more likely to succeed in their first, second or third careers!

The solution to career fit: The Pathway PlannerTM uses the same assessment information (based upon the world’s largest validation and reliability studies) that thousands of companies use to hire. (Contact This educational and career planning tool helps people discover what career possibilities best suit them at any age (16++). The key, like anything, is taking action by learning about different career paths that may fit. SeibCo provides the how-to-do-it in the book, It’s Time to Brag! Career Edition, ( This book also includes networking and interviewing advice for success.

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Be a Leader without Being the Boss

Many times risk-adverse leaders and business professionals hate their jobs. They see the position of boss as a great opportunity to make more money and attain a coveted title.  Yet they are unable or unwilling to develop the people and project skills required to be boss. They are afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone or have done so without success. Without learning from your mistakes and developing new sets of attitudes and behaviors, it can be difficult to get and keep these positions. It would be better to develop a career ladder within your company where you can increase your influence and paycheck, and be a leader without being the boss. It’s OK if you don’t have the interests or skills to be the boss!

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