Bosses Build Valuable Team Loyalty Each and Every Day

Portrait of business people discussing a new strategy at a seminar
Portrait of business people discussing a new strategy at a seminar

One of the biggest challenges many bosses are facing today is a lack of loyalty.

  • -Employees leave for lunch and don’t return … the boss has been ghosted.
  • -Team goals don’t align with the company’s values … the team doesn’t “feel” the values meet the customer’s needs.
  • -Bosses talk the talk, but, don’t walk the walk … employees are circulating resumes to find trustworthy bosses.
  • -Employees fail to stand up and speak up … they don’t feel valued, heard, or appreciated.

Recently, I talked with a boss who only wanted his employees to show up and do their work.  “I know what needs to be done; they simply need to do what I tell them to do.”

While this type of mindset may have worked a decade ago, it won’t create employee loyalty today. In fact, it will do the exact opposite.

Today’s bosses need to focus on developing their teams. In turn, loyalty will be created while improving profits and performance.

Build Loyalty, Not Followers

Ask for Input. Many employees love sharing their ideas. As a boss, it’s important to listen for the gold. When you focus your attention on building the team’s performance, they will learn how to brainstorm, listen, build alignment, and develop solutions. As one client stated, “We have 100’s of ideas, but usually only one has the ROI to meet the needs of both our company and our customers.”

Don’t Create Change for the Sake of Change. Many bosses today create change to embellish their resume for the next promotion. (It’s why over 30% of executives fail in the first 18 months in a new job.) These self-focused bosses end up creating uncertainty and distrust. Remember, change is a process, not an event. Listen more than talk to determine teams’ and customers’ concerns. Allow employees to spearhead these new initiatives. Ensure they are aware of the impact they have on the company and its customers. A new VP already believed he knew what was best for his new employer. While he listened to his team’s ideas, he had no intention of incorporating any of them. He thought he knew what was best. When his ideas failed to make a positive difference, he was fired six months later.

Hold the Team Accountable. When you change the goal to fit the results the team has achieved, everyone loses credibility. It’s demoralizing. Instead, hold the team accountable for achieving the intended results. Your focus is to coach the team on how to handle team dynamics (e.g., conflicts, egos, and shiny object syndromes). When they become stuck, don’t swoop in to fix it. Instead, focus on providing them the resources, initiatives, and encouragement to excel. That builds loyalty and trust.

Appreciate Everyone. Sincerely appreciating your employees is easy to do. Yet, many bosses fail to acknowledge and brag about their teams. Take time each and every day to do so. It builds better loyalty, trust, and better results.

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