Are You Ready to Get Your Ideas Heard?

“Are you ready to have your ideas heard? It’s time to bring forth your confidence, competence, and savviness!” Jeannette Seibly

Sharing your ideas and having them heard is very empowering to you and to others. Ideas are meant as a kernel or possibility to build on, to create solutions to issues, to generate new business growth, and to improve and expand working relationships. However, it requires you to stand up and speak up.

“But wait,” – you may exclaim!

Your “Yeah, buts” are why your ideas are not being offered, heard, or acted upon.

Here are the secrets to getting your ideas heard and valued!

  • First, understand why your team members and leaders don’t listen to you
  • Second, share your ideas so that others will listen to you
  • Third, flexibility is required without losing the purpose/goal crucial for success

Why Are Your Ideas Not Heard?

Ego. Underneath all the excuses, either your ego or the other person’s ego is in the way. It can be due to arrogance, righteousness, or skepticism. If you encounter someone’s resistance to change, give it time and repeat it later.

You’re Not Listening! If you fail to listen to others’ concerns, fears, or rebuttals, they will refuse to listen to you.

First Time They Are Hearing It. You’ve been thinking about your idea for a while; give others time to catch up!

Be Aware of Different Thinking Styles. Some people think in detail, while others listen in a big-picture mode. Both absorb new information at different rates of speed. Be clear and brief, and prepared to repeat.

Ask Closed-Ended Questions. “Yes” or “no” questions generally result in a no. Instead, ask open-ended questions and give the other person permission to share their thoughts. Otherwise, your idea will be dead before it can move forward.

Lack of Empowerment. Many people feel disempowered to take new ideas and explore them. Be clear that your idea is open to their input. Encourage, listen, and build on what they say (especially if it’s off the wall). These are usually the best ways to move ideas forward.

How to Present Ideas So Others Hear You

Presenting Your Ideas. Do your research, learn the facts (not false information), and logically outline your discussion points to make it easier for others to follow. Don’t be shy about addressing any elephants in the room, but be responsible for how you choose to do so (e.g., fun, compassion).

Choose Your Words Responsibly. Keep it simple and brief. Remember, team members will shut down if you rely on jargon, slang, or acronyms. Or it could be using the “F” word. If others continually ask you for clarification, you’ve lost them, and they’ve stopped listening to your idea(s).

Use Fact-Based v. Emotional Messaging. If you usually use one or the other, expand. For example, if you rely on “emotional messages” to get people’s attention, share facts and be a contrarian.


  • Start with a contrarian statement: Did you know intuitive hiring is one of the leading causes of job dissatisfaction?
  • Then, follow up with a couple of quick facts. Studies have shown that over 90% of hiring is based solely on interviews. And “yes” or “no” to hire someone is made within the first 4 to 15 minutes.
  • Now, the emotional message of ‘why it’s important.’ This way of hiring is costly due to the failure to obtain objective data. Here’s an idea that may help us improve our bottom line and bonuses. (Note: Hire Amazing Employees: How to Increase Retention, Revenues, and Results!)

Use Graphics and Pictures. To get everyone on the same page, convey your ideas using easy-to-understand graphics and pictures. You can also physically show them the issue and how your idea will solve it.

Do Mirror Work. Practice your presentation in front of the mirror using your outline. Do this in various ways (e.g., humorous, emotionally charged) to develop your ability to feel comfortable in each situation. You can also do this in front of family, friends, and business associates.

Be Open to Others’ ideas. Listen and build on these ideas. Remember, listening is a two-way street. Allow others to offer their ideas to create a workable solution that they consider a win-win-win.

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