Do You Focus on Workability?

“Workability in a project, situation, or relationship allows for opportunities to achieve intended results.” Jeannette Seibly

Today, our focus often gravitates towards the ‘ideal’ of our goals and dreams. However, we overlook the crucial element of workability and the practicality required to achieve them. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, let’s focus on working smarter, not harder – step-by-step.

All leaders and bosses today are busy pursuing their goals and the goals of their business or company. However, when we become too fixated on the big picture, the crucial details often get overlooked. This can lead to avoidable problems that hinder our progress and even damage our reputation.

Tips to Create Workability

  1. It Requires a Team. Don’t try to do what you don’t do well. Hiring the right team is essential to achieving the desired results. It starts with following a strategic job fit system to ensure the right person is in the right position on the team!
  2. Honor Financial Obligations. Years ago, I met a self-proclaimed enlightened business owner who claimed he had a million-dollar business. But he kept his financials in a shoebox. Hiding important details will hurt you and have others question your credibility. Schedule time weekly to keep your A/R, A/P, and taxes up-to-date and paid. Remember, the IRS doesn’t care about your excuses.
  3. Trust Others to Get the Work Done. Complaining about how others do their work limits creativity and innovation; it does not make a difference in achieving results. #1—Stop micromanaging since you’ve not done the work and don’t know the details involved. #2—Hire for job fit to ensure they have the interest and willingness to do the work as it needs to be done.
  4. Honor Feedback. Instead of being defensive when unsolicited comments are made, lean in and learn more.
  5. Focus on Integrity. Cutting corners, overlooking quality concerns, not proofing documents, and ignoring safety precautions will get you in trouble and hinder workability. This is because your team has to work around you, often with less-than-stellar results. For example, reading the fine print is required, and having a good business attorney review documents before signing them is essential!
  6. Hire a Coach. I know, I say this often! “Every successful leader has a coach!” The right coach guides you through the details and offers alternatives, regardless of your feelings. The coach also helps you organize your goals, so you have time to live a healthy lifestyle simultaneously.
  7. Express Gratitude. Appreciate what you have and express it instead of focusing on what you don’t. This will make you a more accessible leader and person to work and live with! Your family and employees will appreciate this more than you imagine… along with your cat and dog!
  8. Stay Connected. Schedule 1:1 and group time with the people in your life. Put away electronics, and don’t allow other distractions to get in the way. Remember, there will always be high and low points in life. Your relationships will help you through both if you prioritize the time now.

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Jeannette Seibly is a Talent Advisor/Leadership Results Coach with over 31 years of practical experience guiding leaders and bosses to improve their hiring, coaching, and managing practices and produce amazing results! And yes, achieving business success always starts with having the right people in the right jobs! She has been an Authorized PXT Select® Partner for over 32 years. Contact Jeannette to learn more about these state-of-the-art job-fit assessment tools or how to coach and manage your people to achieve incredible results.

A note from Jeannette: Due to the many demands on leaders and bosses today, it’s important to create a workplace culture (home and office) of workability. It supports achieving goals faster and more effectively. Are you having challenges getting everyone on the same page? Let’s talk now—before it’s too late. Contact me!

Now is the time to get into focused action! Are there days you dread doing what is needed to manage your people, projects, and team’s financial performance? You’re not alone! Everyone has those days! But continuing to hide behind excuses only hurts you and your future promotability. I have extensive experience and wisdom guiding bosses and leaders to hire, coach, and manage their teams successfully – this includes getting you out of the way and working with and through people effectively to achieve the results required. Contact me to learn more about my in-depth, one-on-one, customized coaching programs.

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