Why the Best Bosses Are Humble

Bosses ListenBosses have a lot of power. It comes with the title, paycheck, and job description. However, when bosses lack true inner confidence, they become egotistical. They focus on their own self-interests and fail to create win-win-win outcomes.

Humble bosses understand outer power can be easily taken away. It’s why they are committed to quietly creating confident teams and positive results, creating humbleness.

7 Tips to Dial-Up Your Humility and Dial-Down Your Ego

Have Interest in Others. Being committed to the success of others is critical as a humble boss. When you remember the job is not about you, you make better decisions when focusing on what’s best for everyone.

Be Approachable. Make it easy for your employees to communicate with you. Get rid of gatekeepers that only tell you what you want to hear and shield you from the facts.

Develop Compassion. Coming from the heart and knowing everyone has their struggles is important. Be responsible for how you talk to and about people.

Share the Brags! You didn’t achieve the goal or success on your own! You did it with your team. Acknowledge them. Brag about them. Be a great team player and boss.

Be Curious. Be inquisitive by asking questions and listening. Learn from others. Incorporate their ideas into projects or decisions.

Be Respectful. Welcome others and their differing POVs. Encourage your team to share ideas and embrace these ideas. Engage them in the decision-making process by developing their critical thinking skills.

Admit mistakes. This is one of the most difficult for bosses to master. No one is perfect. Admit your mistakes and don’t blame others.

Humble bosses quietly create confident teams with positive results. Be a humble boss.

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