PRESS RELEASE – October 4, 2022

OCT 4 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeannette Seibly

New Book on Hiring Top Talent Becomes International Amazon Bestseller

OCT 4, Denver, Colorado— Local bestselling author, Jeannette Seibly, also known at the Leadership Results Coach from her award-winning years as a business and leadership coach, is celebrating a new bestseller, along with a 30-year anniversary of helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners, and creating million-dollar results.

Almost 1000 people downloaded her new book Amazing Employees: How to Increase Retention, Revenues and Results (Revised Edition)! over the weekend, and the book hit #1 in nine categories on Amazon across the United States, Canada and Australia.

With 40% of American’s currently considering quitting their jobs according to a McKinsey & Company study, or quietly quitting, it’s become the wild-wild west of hiring. Bestselling author Jeannette Seibly reveals the tools businesses need to hire top talent, and retain their employees in her new book Hire Amazing Employees: How to Increase Retention, Revenues and Results (Revised Edition)! (

Right now, she’s offering “30 Tips from 30 Years” a free download for entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners.

She also has published multiple books related to “bragging” to land your dream career, to get the promotion, and to sell yourself and your products anytime, anywhere. Her newest book, “Hire Amazing Employees,”  focuses on how businesses can hone in on top talent, and to stop using intuition as the key factor when hiring and promoting employees.

Making the wrong hire can cost business many thousands of dollars. As the hiring market remains unstable and people continue to quit jobs at record highs, there are many tools available to create and implement a practical strategic selection system, as outlined in Hire Amazing Employees, Revised Edition. (

Her “straight talk with immediate results” has impacted many companies to increase retention, revenues, and results!

Press inquiries & book club inquiries: Jeannette Seibly is available for in-person and online interviews for all media formats. Contact her at or 303-917-2993 or visit her website:


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