Stop being part of the corporate wallpaper

Successful people run into this phenomenon frequently, particularly outside consultants and vendors.  They have helped build a million dollar company, designed new processes to solve a problem, and/or implemented a financially rewarding idea.   The results were so successful that a year or two later, they are no longer acknowledged for being part of that success.  To stay in the game, it’s important to be seen and heard.

1)     Be visible.  Show up to meetings.  Be on conference calls.  Listen for the next opportunity to support the company’s current needs.  Ask current and past employees how you can contribute.

2)     Keep a benefits log that quantitatively shows what your efforts have achieved, and share it appropriately.  Remember people are more interested in recent successes, than in something that happened years ago.

3)     Stay in touch by taking the team out for lunch, sending them coffee and bagels, or including them your e-news distribution. The key is to be seen and heard on a consistent basis.  Companies are more willing to hire a past consultant or employee with a good track record of producing results, than gamble on an unknown person.

(c)Jeannette Seibly, 2010

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