Be the missing link for your company’s success

Ideas are a dime a dozen; however, when they are shared with a committed listener (think, you!) the ideas can become million dollar solutions.  Are you a committed listener for your company?  Customers?  Vendors?  Employees? 

Here’s how you get started.

1)     Listen from their perspective.  Keep your internal chatterbox quiet and brainstorm with a “yes.”

2)     Create from the end in mind.  Do not get caught up in the “how-to-get-done at this point.”  This can become mind numbing, energy draining and idea stopping.

3)     When you’ve completed the brainstorming stage, then it’s time to conduct a ROI (return on investment), and be willing to go back to creating new ideas when the numbers are not positive.

(c)Jeannette Seibly, 2010

Turn mistakes into profits

When working on large projects or implementing new ideas, mistakes will happen.  It’s how we handle them that will move the process forward, or have everyone CYA their work for fear of retribution by the team leader, or boss.

 1)     Plan on mistakes happening. It’s how you handle them that will make the difference for the current and future success of the project, and your continued growth as a leader.  Praise publicly; counsel privately.

2)     View your people as experts and able to work out differences; it’s not your job to fix any personality quirks.  Resist micromanagement; yet, be willing and able to step in when it’s critical (this should be a rare occurrence).

3)     Stay focused on the goals while managing the milestones.  Remember, the failure of a project normally occurs when the team did not create true goals, weak milestones were established, busy work is deemed a result, and details are overlooked or not considered important.

(c)Jeannette Seibly, 2010