Creating Your 2023 Success Starts Today

“We all have what it takes to succeed. But many of us do not want to do the work required.” Jeannette Seibly

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy creating goals. The problem? In about 30 days, all those good intentions for success will be for naught! Many of you will have forgotten, become disillusioned, or didn’t realize how much work was involved. But there is an easier way … so get started today to create your 2023 success.

The Key Ingredients to Get You and Keep You in Focused-Action

  1. Set your goals. Before setting your 2023 goals, complete 2022! Take time to review What worked?/What Didn’t Work? Acknowledge your successes and lessons learned. Then, create no more than 3 BIG goals for personal and professional success. Yes, they need to be big enough to stretch from where you are now to where you want to be later this year. For example, if you’re already slated to be a team leader, creating that as a goal is not a stretch! Yet achieving the intended metrics and results with the team would be a stretch for any team leader. It’s inspiring too.
  2. Hire the right coach. Nobody achieves their goals alone. And asking for help is a good thing to do! But not every coach is the right one to guide you to success. So, select the right one and hire the person now.
  3. Address your inherent challenges and clarify your blind spots. Use qualified job fit and 360-degree feedback assessments. Why? These validated tools help you discover your core strengths to build on. For example, a maple tree’s roots are the core of it growing into a strong maple tree. But its strength would be diminished if it tried to be a palm tree. It’s the same with you. Build on your strengths! Using qualified assessments will show you who you are (aka your “core”) and not how you want to be seen. Work with your coach to review these valuable reports, stay focused, and willingly receive feedback from others.
  4. Put together the right team. Some people call them accountability partners. Pick one or two people with BIG goals that need your support. Have an upfront agreement to keep you and them in action and not let excuses get in the way!
  5. Schedule time to journal and meditate. These actions keep you focused on moving forward. It’ll also unveil whom you need to talk to and work with while using your strengths to stay in action. Make sure to use an easy system that works for you, even if it’s only 5 minutes per day.
  6. Have fun and celebrate. Every achievement, no matter how small, should be acknowledged. These brags build confidence. They also keep you in action when you want to quit (and you will), especially after you’ve made a mistake or find yourself in a difficult situation.

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She’s celebrating 30 years as an award-winning international executive consultant, speaker, and coach. Her clients value the listening and positive difference she brings to any conversation. Feel stuck in a sticky situation or in challenging relationships? Want straightforward counsel to blast through it? Contact Jeannette for a confidential discussion. PS: She’s also a three-time Amazon Best-Selling Author!

A note from Jeannette about creating your 2023 success today: We all have the best of intentions when we make our goals. However, those intentions will go by the way-side over 90% of the time without using the 6 key ingredients to get you and keep you in focused action now. Need help getting started? Want to stop before you even get started? (Yes, this happens frequently.) Contact me.

To learn more about goals, listen to my podcast, The Entrepreneurial Leader, with guest Deb Eckerling.

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