Solutions for Your Most Important People Problems

We have a simple mission:  We improve your productivity while reducing your costs.

We help businesses increase their profits, by reducing their people costs. Our clients hire better, fire less, manage better, and retain and develop top performers. We improve their productivity.

We offer tools and systems that improve:

  • Selection of honest, hard-working employees, who show up for work, avoid substance abuse, are less often absent or tardy, and perform!
  • Performance of sales people and other employees.
  • Retention—Keep your good people.
  • Placement—Ensure that each candidate/employee is in the right job.
  • Promotion—Avoid “promotion failure” due to the “Peter Principle”.
  • Coaching—Get the most out of your people resources.
  • Career development—Give them a reason to want to stay with you.
  • Motivation—Do you know what “makes them tick”?
  • Teams—Function and balance. Where is your “operator’s manual”?
  • Customer service—Is there anything more important?
  • Management—People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Fix this.
  • Recruiting—Maximize your candidate pool, manage it efficiently.
  • Performance Management –Turn this into something productive!
  • Skills Testing—Over 1,000 skills assessments; affordable and effective.

Our tools are scientifically designed and validated. We customize the measures to reflect the needs and values of jobs in your company.  Each assessment has been tested to ensure compliance with EEOC and Department of Labor standards; use of our tools may provide a positive defense against claims of discrimination.

iApplicantsTM Online Recruiting and Hiring System

Developed entirely from input provided by companies like yours, iApplicantsTM is a complete, affordable, efficient, intuitive, and easy to learn applicant tracking and management system. Automatically post your jobs to a wide selection of free internet job boards, track your applicants in ways that make sense for you, e-mail selected candidates from within the system. Ask job-specific screening questions to quickly weed out those who don’t meet minimum requirements, and use any of our assessment tools automatically as part of the application; it’s all here. Designed for companies with 20 to 2,000 employees, it includes powerful reporting functions (including tracking EEO information in the background), application and resume search functions, and much more. No setup charges, no long-term contracts, and you can be an expert in less than an hour.

Step One Survey II®

This is a pre-employment screening assessment, designed to increase your probability of only hiring people likely to become “good employees” in the general sense. It measures your candidate’s attitudes toward 4 critical components of workplace behavior: Integrity, Substance Abuse, Reliability, and Work Ethic. Results show how your candidate compares with the general US working population. Consistently applied in a wide variety of work environments, the SOS has demonstrated dramatic effects of reducing turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, on-job injuries, vehicular accidents, and jobsite theft. It is designed to be completed by your candidates pre-interview, and provides a structured interview guide to enrich the information usually available before an employment decision is made. The measure is available in English and Spanish, and is easily completed over any internet connection, or in booklet form. Scoring and reporting is nearly instantaneous.


The ProfileXT answers “the astronaut’s question”—Does this candidate have the “right stuff” for your job?  A “total person” assessment with a myriad of uses, the ProfileXT is used for selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, succession planning and job description development. Using 20 different scales, it measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive – Thinking and Reasoning Styles(5 scales), Behavioral Traits (9 scales) and Occupational Interests. (6 scales). A separate Distortion scale provides a measure of the quality of information in the assessment. Proper use of the ProfileXT will help you put top performers in each job, maximize their performance, and keep them with you longer.

Profiles Sales Assessment™

Combining the power of the ProfileXT with a set of 7 Critical Sales Behaviors, this assessment predicts and supports job-specific sales success. Used in sales selection and in sales management, this powerful tool will help you hire or promote top performers, place them in jobs where they can perform at top levels, motivate and manage them to produce even more, and keep them longer—because they fit their job.

Profiles Skills AssessmentsTM

This is highly advanced, internet-delivered skills testing system. We offer over 1,000 advanced performance-based tests for testing skills on key software products and desktop applications: Microsoft, Lotus, WordPerfect, and more. We have automated tests in key areas of clerical, computer, call center, healthcare, and other professional skills.

Profiles Managerial Fit Assessment™

This powerful tool is focused on workplace compatibility between a manager and an individual employee. The tool measures and compares seven working characteristics between the manager and employee, and it provides guidance on how these characteristics impact their working relationship. Specific recommendations based on these comparisons are recommended to improve employee/manager communication, reduce conflict and increase productivity. Consider this an operator’s manual for a specific manager-employee relationship.

Customer Service Profile™

Worldwide, up to two-thirds of all customers leave due to poor customer service. When you hire employees using our Customer Service Profile, you populate your organization with people who will increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, build customer loyalty, increase sales and make significant gains in profitability. This tool assesses the attitudes and customer service characteristics of existing employees and new job candidates. It gives you the critical information you need to hire people with good customer service skills, improve customer service training, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Management Development Program

This is a combination of tools, applied in a systematic annual cycle to:

  • First, measure each participant’s competencies in 8 major areas and 18 subcategories critical to management performance. (Checkpoint 360 Assessment)
  • Second, improve competency level in the areas identified as most critical for each participant’s job, and offering the greatest opportunity for significant gains.(Skillbuilder Units.)

Unlike most management assessment programs, ours not only identifies skill sets where each manager (according to themselves, their supervisor, their peers, and their direct reports) needs improvement, it provides a system to directly and efficiently improve those skills. Training is individual, self-paced, practical, and essentially provides on the job training in the specific skills needed, providing lasting change in manager behavior.

Profiles Performance Indicator™

This 30-minute assessment measures key behavioral factors and their impact on business success, providing managers information to make each employee more valuable and productive. Management Reports are like operator’s manuals, filled with essential information about each of your people – behavioral tendencies in critical job-related competencies, employee response to job stress, frustration, conflict, and adaptability to change, as well as how each employee is best motivated. Using individual results, a Team Analysis tool built into the assessment allows improvement of existing team functionality, and “what-if?” scenarios for building or modifying teams to improve productivity. With this tool, you can reduce conflict, build cooperation, improve communication, and help your teams achieve desired results.

WorkPlace Engagement SurveyTM

“It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can survive over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it”. Jack and Susie Welch said it, and history has confirmed it. Wouldn’t you like to know how engaged your employees are? This survey will provide the answers, and give you comparisons to the broad range of US businesses. You can assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and do something about it!

Background Check Services

Knowing the backgrounds of the people you hire is absolutely essential. In addition to the direct effects of hiring a high-risk employee, businesses can be held liable for accidents and crimes committed by its employees. Our background check provides information to verify job applicants’ resume data, checks driving records and criminal history. With a good background check you can verify information provided by job applicants — before hiring and training — reducing the costs incurred by high turnover as well as your risk of liability. Background checking may be integrated with our iApplicantsTM system, making the process even easier.

Appraisal SmartTM Performance Appraisal/Performance Management System

Appraisal SmartTM offers you an innovative, cutting-edge approach to employee Performance Appraisals and the Performance Management that should follow. It not only automates Performance Review administration, but elevates it to a superb relationship, productivity and behavior modification tool. Flexible, and affordable for even the smallest of businesses, Appraisal SmartTM can incorporate the management competencies from our Management Development System, as well as providing its own library of competencies for a very broad range of jobs.

EmployerPagesTM Online Hiring and Recruiting System for Affinity Groups

EmployerPagesTM allows associations, businesses with business clients, and government organizations the opportunity to provide their constituent businesses with a simple, easy to learn online hiring and recruiting system based on the iApplicantsTM architecture. For a cost as low as one dollar per month per member business, the sponsoring organization can offer a value-added service without peer. Small businesses get the system they need to streamline and improve their hiring practices, improve compliance, and eliminate paper waste and storage; larger businesses have the opportunity to use that basic system, or upgrade to a full iApplicantsTM system with more robust search, communications, and reporting capabilities, including bulk email within the system and automatic EEO tracking of both applicants and hires; businesses who already have their own ATS may simply use the system to expand their applicant pool, feeding applicants seamlessly into their own system.

ApplicantSearchTM Candidate Database and Job Board System

ApplicantSearchTM provides an efficient system for employers with openings in skilled positions and candidates with those skills to make contact and pursue mutual opportunities. In partnership with colleges and universities, the system allows graduates to create a profile of their education, experience, interests, and job preferences, and allows employers (at no cost) to search the database of candidates, both active and passive, and to post jobs efficiently to the job board associated with each, any, or all of the partner institutions. The prospective employer pays a nominal fee, if and only if, candidates match their criteria well enough to motivate them to request contact information for the matching candidate.

These tools can be used separately, or in powerful combinations based on your goals and needs. With the exception of the Step One Survey II (restricted to use pre-employment), all can be used with either job candidates, or with your existing employees. Let us help your business become more productive! We provide solutions for your most important people challenge.