When You Hit the Wall of Resistance, What Do You Do?

wall of resistance.bizsavvycoach.7When you experience fatigue, loss of energy, and/or poor results, you’ve hit the wall of resistance. And, no matter what you say, think or do…nothing will change until you do.

We’ve all hit that wall of resistance in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you have been successful in the past… it means change needs to happen for you now.

My wall of resistance recently occurred when I bought a new laptop and software. In the past, I’ve been able to make the changes necessary to be up and running quickly. Initially, I had success. Then, I hit my wall of resistance when the new backup program wasn’t working and I had to call for a tech geek instead of being able to do it myself. The following key points and tips helped me breakthrough my wall of resistance.

Since life and business have changed so dramatically, you will experience more walls of resistance than ever. The good news is, if you’re willing to be open to new ways of doing things you can break down your walls just like I did.

4 Key Points to Remember

  • -Humans are resilient…and so are you!
  • -This new normal can attract new opportunities.
  • -You, along with others, are creating a new world.
  • -Be ready! Now is a great time to create new habits, mindsets, and POVs.

Your wall of resistance is a gift. It’s letting you know now is the time to make changes.  

6 Tips to Discover New Opportunities

Breathe! Yes, inhale and exhale. Do this consciously. Breathe in for 5 counts. Pause. Exhale for 10 counts. Repeat this 3 times. Breathing, along with one or two of the following tips, will help you uncover new possibilities. However, you will still need to take focused-action for them to happen.

Write it out. Fear limits new opportunities. Watching the news and reading all the controversy about COVID-19 is confusing and depressing. So, instead, focus on the positive. Journal every day about what is working and your successes (brags). Also, include what you’re grateful for. The act of writing will create new awareness and new ideas. (For those of you that don’t like to write, try it, you’ll be surprised by what happens.)

Move away from the issue by walking it out. Take 20 minutes and physically do something different (exercise, dance, participate in an exercise podcast, etc.). When you return, you will have a different and calmer POV.

Use Your Sounding Boards and Stop Being a Lone Ranger. Learn how to talk and listen to your family and/or work team. Also, talk with your executive coach, therapist, mentor, or other trusted confidant. If you don’t have one, find the right one for you. Together create new solutions by listening and valuing each and every idea. (SEE Brainstorming below.)  Important Note: Don’t fall into the trap of talking ad nauseam about it that you don’t take any action. Pick one good idea and take focused action steps toward a solution.

Brainstorm. Yes, truly brainstorm. Now is a great time to develop and hone the skill of brainstorming. This will help you create new solutions anytime and anywhere in life, especially when you hit the wall of resistance. However, keep in mind, it does require a new level of listening and aligning with your team before creating a focused-action plan!

Update and Upgrade. Now is a great time to update and upgrade your skills: technical, financial, decision-making, and people skills.

Here are some ideas (trust yourself by picking one and taking action now):

Remember, hitting your wall of resistance can be a gift. When embraced and acted on, it will open up new opportunities for you to excel.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2020

Jeannette Seibly is an award-winning executive coach and keynote speaker.  For more than 27 years, she has been an expert in guiding leaders to excel at blasting through walls of resistance and creating positive results. The new world of work is here. Are you ready to lead?  Contact Jeannette to improve your strategic hiring, coaching, training, and managing processes.  Don’t forget to listen to her podcasts on Anchor.FM or YouTube.com.

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