How to Have Conversations for Positive Results (Part 1)

“Our ability to communicate effectively requires being aware of how our interactions impact others.” Jeannette Seibly

This is Part 1 of a two-part article: 

Many professionals today like to tell it like it is for them.

Topics include:

  • Talking about their bad boss or team
  • Inner fears or childhood experiences
  • Lifestyle choices (gender, politics, religion)
  • Other experiences (e.g., natural disaster victim, ADHD, mental health)

They believe it’s important to share everything early and that being authentic saves them from experiencing personal hurt feelings and bad experiences later.

But sharing too much information – too soon (TMI-TS) can have negative impacts. It can hurt your ability to have real conversations for positive results (e.g., resolve conflict, develop solutions for a client, or close a sale). The truth is, it might not have become or been an issue if you had waited.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you share when you meet someone?
  • Are you an open book about your personal, family, or business concerns?
  • Do you share your lifestyle choices too soon?

Why Is This Important?

Remember, ALL good relationships, business and otherwise, take time and patience!

When you share TMI-TS, it unconsciously draws a line of demarcation that others won’t cross. It’s not that they have a bias; they feel their personal boundaries have been disrupted. They believe that no matter what they say or do in response, it’ll be wrong. Then they leave the conversation, even when continuing to stand next to you.

To be an effective communicator, consider the following before oversharing:

  • Pay attention to who your audience is
  • Learn how to “brag” humbly to share your credibility
  • Have conversations designed to build win-win-win results
  • Build a good working relationship regardless of your personal experiences or lifestyles
  • Develop strong inner power, self-esteem, and confidence from all of your life and work experiences

My next article will go deeper into how to overcome sharing too much information – too soon and offer strategies for creating positive results through great conversations.

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