Appreciate Others Everyday by Saying, “Thank you!”

“Appreciating others provides a greater reward than anything else you can do!” Jeannette Seibly

Saying, “Thank you!” isn’t hard to do … but many fail to do it! As a result, team members feel less valued and underappreciated. When you don’t say appreciate others, you appear to your team, vendors, and boss as stingy, rude, or Grinch-like.

Today it’s more important than ever for leaders, bosses, and team members to say, “thank you” and/or “I appreciate you.” Studies show these simple expressions on a daily basis are more impactful than bonuses or other perks.

7 Easy Ways to Let Others Know You Appreciate Them

Listen to Their Ideas. Yes, this is a silent way of saying, “I appreciate you.” It requires you to set aside your internal mental chatter and electronic distractions. Just listen!

Ask for Their Ideas. Introverts are not as likely to volunteer ideas and solutions … but it doesn’t mean they don’t have good ones. Be sure to ask each and every team member for their input before making decisions. It says, “I value your contributions.”

Coach Them to Solve Problems. Every job has its challenges. When team members share their frustrations, ask, “How would you recommend resolving it?” Then, coach them to put in place the recommendation. Be sure to follow up to hear about the outcome. This follow-through speaks volumes and lets them know they matter.

Let Them Make Decisions. Give each team member the ability to schedule time off, sign up for training programs, or create brainstorming sessions without your OK. This way of showing trust is an important way of acknowledging them.

Give Praise Often. Too often you look for what is wrong and not working. This will always be getting in the way of others feeling valued. Ask team members to share how they got a project or job done. Be open and curious … encourage them to share any Herculean efforts. This praise will boost their ingenuity, commitment, and perseverance while building their self-confidence.

Encourage Participation. Recommend to your team members they get involved in a service project, lead a team meeting, or attend trade/industry association meetings. This provides opportunities to build their skills and show your confidence in them. Be available to provide coaching and feedback when they feel stuck.

Say “Please” and “Thank You”. These magical words probably seem too simple to make a difference. Yet they speak volumes and let team members (and others) know they are valued. Use them frequently.

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. During the past 29 years, she has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless 6-figure income professionals. Her brags include being an award-winning executive coach, management consultant, and keynote speaker. Do you have questions? Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A note from Jeannette about appreciating others. It’s so easy. But many leaders, bosses, and managers fail to say, “thank you” and/or “I appreciate you.” This leaves team members feeling less valued and appreciated. Need help to develop this very important habit? I have a great exercise that helps teams feel valued. Contact me for further details.

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