Stop Sabotaging Your Results with Busyness

“Busyness is the #1 bad habit we need to disrupt for an amazing 2022!” Jeannette Seibly

The best advice I can provide you this new year is to stop busyness from sabotaging your results!

But how? What is getting in the way?

You have dreams and goals you hope to achieve someday. Some of you want a job promotion, early retirement, to travel, or to write a book. Consider that someday is today!

That’s why busyness must need disruption.

Busyness is a mindset, a bad habit. People pride themselves on being busy. It’s their way of feeling fulfilled and living a purposeful life. But they lose sight of what really makes them happy, fulfilled, and living a life on purpose.

Yesterday I wrestled with my own “busyness” and resisted writing this article/blog post. So, I took my own advice and went for a walk! It was just the disruptor I needed. I came back and wrote two articles, including this one! Then, I completed the other items I resisted that were on my list too!

For a successful 2022, let’s make it a year of success now and stop sabotaging future results with today’s busyness!

7 Ways to Stop Busyness from Sabotaging Your Results!

  1. Find Work that Is Important to You. With the Great Resignation, there are many employers today begging for employees. The challenge? Over 70% of you hated your job because it didn’t fit your natural thinking, core behaviors, and occupational interests! So first, use a qualified job fit assessment to clarify what engages you objectively. Then, work with your executive coach to design the job and goals that engage and inspire you into action.
  2. Limit Social Media. It’s a big-time suck! The biggest issue? You compare your life to others and become depressed, which gets in your way of taking the required actions. Remember, these posts are only quick snapshots of a moment. They don’t reflect the efforts needed! Do something you enjoy for a few hours a week if you feel stuck. Not social media. Volunteer for a cause. Help a neighbor or friend. Take a fun class or get a certification. This “feel-good” will expand into other areas of your life and inspire you to do the work necessary to achieve your results!
  3. Get Out in Nature. Many times, taking a 20-minute walk can rejuvenate you! Don’t listen to podcasts or talk on your cell. Walk. Breathe. Stop the inner mental chatter. Enjoy the sights. Now, you’re refreshed and ready to focus on the next step in your action plan. Just like I did yesterday.
  4. Create Something New. Don’t be afraid to stretch and create a new process, product, or book. But don’t let it take you off-track from your goal (which often happens when you allow busyness to intercede). You don’t have to be highly creative. Instead, ask yourself, “How can I simplify this to save time?” This question energizes your mind, body, and soul to expand, which they love to do!
  5. Truly Listen and Engage in the Conversation. Truly listening to others stops the distracting internal mental chatter. Nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of being truly heard! When you listen to others, they will listen to you. Together, you can create fantastic new opportunities in life and business!
  6. Enjoy Silence. Instead of running off to the next meeting or task, set aside a few minutes to enjoy the silence. Taking the time will reenergize and de-stress you while making you more alert for the next meeting or task.
  7. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple and Smart! We often love to make everything too complicated (and, at times, impossible). It sabotages your self-confidence and the results needed to achieve your dreams and goals. Number 1! Hire the right coach for you to get unstuck and create clarity. Number 2! Take focused action. It’s the best way to overcome the busyness saboteur! Number 3! Start right NOW!

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless 6-figure income professionals. During the past 29 years, she has become an award-winning international executive and family business management consultant, and keynote speaker. Recently, she was able to add another brag. She has been an Authorized PXT Select Partner with Wiley/Profiles International for 30 years, guiding companies to hire the right person the first time. Have questions? Need help? Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A Note from Jeannette about achieving results now and overcoming the busyness saboteur! You have dreams and goals you hope to achieve (e.g., a promotion, early retirement, travel, writing a book, etc.). The question I have for you … “Why can’t you achieve them now?” The answer … You allow busyness to get in the way and use it to sabotage your results. Do you feel stuck and not clear on how to get started? If yes, contact me for a confidential conversation.

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