How Do You Build a Confident Team?

“Your team’s success depends on you building their confidence.” Jeannette Seibly

Building a team that is confident and focused on achieving intended results takes time, energy, and awareness. As the leader, it’s one of your key job responsibilities. And, when you pay attention, the results can be fabulous!

The challenge is when you have team members concerned by what others think, fearful of asking for feedback, and are not coachable. That is the time for you to zero in, build their confidence, and help them succeed. If you don’t, it will diminish their (and your) results.

7 Tips to Build a Confident Team

  1. Patience is a Virtue. When a team member is too concerned about others’ opinions, it can be frustrating. Be patient and take time to listen to their concerns. The problem could be they don’t see the value of the goal or they don’t feel comfortable with the process of getting there. Partner the person with a team member to review the written timeline, milestones, and goals. Also, have them create a graph and/or talk through different scenarios. This helps the team member gain confidence, alleviate his/her concerns, and get on the same page with the team.
  2. Everyone Make Mistakes. When you have team members that fear making mistakes, it will often bring out their insecurities. Use the three-step process and debrief: “What Worked?” “What Didn’t Work?” “What Would You Like to be Acknowledged For?” Beware of the same mistake being made over and over because that indicates additional training is required.
  3. Use a Qualified Assessment. These help team members value and become aware of different thinking styles, core behaviors, and occupational interests. Using the right assessment shows natural differences and builds confidence.
  4. Believe Your Team Members Can Develop Solutions. When your team hits a wall (and they will) or has an overwhelming problem, first(!) clarify the true problem. This will require straight talk and listening. Then, brainstorm the solution. Do not interject your ideas until after each team member has shared. If you do, you risk shutting down your team and diminishing their confidence.
  5. Provide 1:1 Constructive Feedback. Many times, when team members are feeling insecure, they can be defensive. When this occurs, within 48 hours provide 1:1 feedback. For example, “During our weekly team meeting, you ignored a team member’s idea to resolve your issue. This resulted in you losing feedback that would have moved the project forward. Plus, you diminished the other’s confidence in you to create a solution.”
  6. Acknowledge Each and Every Person. When acknowledging team members, take the time to be specific and generous. Remember, whatever you acknowledge them for, it builds confidence and encourages more of the same great behaviors and attitudes!
  7. When Nothing Is Working. Since you’ve already made changes without success, you need objective input! Work with your executive coach to determine changes required. Otherwise, you’ll continue hurting your team’s confidence and their ability to achieve intended results.

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A note from Jeannette about building a confident team. As a leader, one of your key job responsibilities is building a confident team. A confident team achieves intended results. If you’ve hit a wall with your team’s confidence or your own confidence needs a boost, contact me for a confidential conversation now before mischief shows up.

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