Hey Results Producers, Why Aren’t You Producing Required Results?

“Indulging in our comfort zones impedes our ability to produce amazing results.” Jeannette Seibly

Believe it or not, you’re the reason.

You’ve allowed yourself to get in your own way! You’ve accepted mediocrity. But mediocrity doesn’t keep customers and a great team, or get you promoted. It also disrupts others’ perceptions of you as a valued leader, boss, or team member.

The good news?

Many of you have already:

  • Become results producers who can produce the required results.
  • Received the right coaching from your boss, team, and/or coach.
  • Developed the insights, experience, and skills needed to make a positive difference.
  • Moved past perceived limitations and other issues that generally get in the way.

So, what’s in the way? Hubris, ego, and excuses now dominate your mind and get in the way of achieving the required results (e.g., resolving team conflict, going the extra mile for a customer, learning a new skill, etc.).

You may say, “But I’m tired. I want to be comfortable. I want to do the minimum to keep my job.” Consider none of that is true. Instead, pay attention … the most interesting phenomenon is that you feel energized when you become a results producer producing the required results!

How to be Energized and Produce Required Results

Take the nudge and get energized to get the most out of this article! Go beyond just reading these examples and take focused-action on a project or task, or complete a difficult conversation. This movement will cause you to be a results producer that produces the required results!

Be Coachable. Yes, there are bad coaches out there! But don’t let that stop you from finding the right coach! Then, listen. Take responsibility for correcting any actions that have taken you off track with your team, customers, and/or boss! (Apologies work wonders when not accompanied by excuses!) Remember, every results producer, leader, and boss has a coach! It’s up to you to be coachable … whether you feel like it or not!

Example: An author was a good mystery writer and won awards. Yet failed to sell books. Every time the coach would tell him to focus on selling and give him doable ideas, he’d come up with a list of excuses. His favorite is, “I just don’t feel it would make a difference.” Needless to say, he has 100s of books sitting in his garage.

Work With and Through the Team. We all have teams, bosses, and customers for whom we are responsible for providing excellent service! The issue is that when you have a challenge or problem, you rely on the familiar thought, “I’ve got it all handled.” Consider you don’t, and you fail to get into the type of action that produces required results. Instead, learn to work with and through others to get the job done well (e.g., delegate) and stop settling for mediocrity. The mark of a great results producer and leader/boss.

Example: A general manager proudly shared the 40% turnover in his management staff. “I now have the right team in place and have it all handled.” The consultant who was listening replied, “You’ve been saying that each year for the past four years. How is this year going to be any different? You’ve been unwilling to get real about the issues that cause the turnover and poor results.” (Hint: The real issue was the general manager’s inability to lead a team to produce required results.)

Distinguish Leadership Blind Spots that Impede Your Results. Going above and beyond is often needed to become and remain a results producer. It also requires working with your coach and identifying blind spots that impede your progress on an ongoing basis. Example: after attending a great motivational event or listening to a great speaker, you believe you can now move mountains. Yet days go by, and pretty soon, even the smallest hills look impossible. What happened? You allowed your blind spots to get in the way and relied on work/life circumstances to stop you.

Example: A business owner was not coachable and hated having her blind spots pointed out. Yet she was willing to spend every dollar she had in her business account to take a program with a renowned motivator who had built a million-dollar business. She hoped to learn from her and attended all the sessions. Several months later, she shared the outcome with a friend; and she was angry and upset. There was no positive difference in her business and finances. Finally, later in the conversation, she confessed, “I have to get real and take responsibility for not doing the work and taking the coaching. But it was an expensive lesson.” 

These three powerful keys to are required to become a consistent results producer. It starts by going beyond your comfort zone and standard excuses!

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless 6-figure income professionals. During the past 29 years, she has become an award-winning international executive and family business management consultant and keynote speaker. Still unable to achieve the results you need to keep your customers, team, or job? Don’t wait! It won’t get better without help! Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A Note from Jeannette about being a results producer that produces required results: this can be a tricky conversation when you rely on excuses and life circumstances to get in the way of achieving required results. Sometimes it only takes a tweak here and there, and you’re back on track. Other times, it entails a come down to reality conversation to become the results producer you know you can be. Do you want clarity? Contact me for a confidential conversation.

Being a top influencer in 2022 is a great goal. Yet we allow our life circumstances and feelings of “not now” to get in the way. So STOP indulging in the excuses! Instead, get into action today and grab your FREE copy of Eight Tips to Increase Your Ability to Influence.

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