Being In the Driver’s Seat Is Required to Navigate for Results

“Bosses and leaders need to navigate to achieve results rather than settle for mediocrity.” Jeannette Seibly

Too many articles talk about navigating for results but not how to put yourself in the driver’s seat to achieve them.

I’ve led many new projects or projects requiring new results (e.g., increasing attendance, financial revenues, etc.). Every time, there were many bumps along the way in the form of naysayers, economic challenges, and team conflict. But I learned how to stay in the driver’s seat, even though periodically I wanted to bail! Instead, I worked through my uncomfortableness, relied on team counsel, and kept everyone on the same page. The accomplishment? We did it! We won! We celebrated!

In last week’s article, I discussed Are You Driving Your Results?

The question I received was, “How do I put myself in the driver’s seat in the first place?” It’s an interesting question that is seldom asked.

The answer: It’s a conscious mindset of making the decision and commitment to be the driver and set up yourself and your team to win!

How Do You Drive Results Without Being Pushed into the Passenger Seat?

Be Uncomfortable. When you feel uncomfortable today, it’s easy to use that as your excuse and get off track. Many times, you do it covertly and allow your fears to dominate. The problem? You give up the driver’s seat and the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to acquire the experience! In the book Hidden Potential, Adam Grant talks about how people acknowledge their uncomfortableness as they begin a project and work through the discomfort to become highly proficient and achieve unprecedented results.

What is the reality for you as a boss and leader?

Be Willing to Participate. Too many want to sit back and observe and not participate in the creation process, managing differing opinions, and the ups and downs of getting and keeping everyone on the same page (hint: this is an ongoing process – not an “I did it once and now I’m done.”). The problem? Once you’ve given up the driver’s seat (to observe), it isn’t easy to get it back and steer towards the intended results!

Find Counsel. Asking for help is different than looking for advice on social media or asking all of your co-workers for their ideas. Hire an experienced executive coach who provides counsel by listening and guiding. Just because you’re in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean you have the experience to move a team from start to finish without challenges and have everyone satisfied with the results.

To keep everyone on the same page and moving forward:

  • Share your experience in working through past challenges.
  • Speak with the end result in mind.
  • Be open to brainstorming new ideas when the current ones are not working.
  • Acknowledge initiatives and steps taken by team members, individually and as a group.
  • Be authentic, and know you don’t have all the answers!

Being open to new ideas is how you stay in the driver’s seat and make a positive difference. An experienced executive coach will keep you thinking as the driver.

Celebrate! Too many drivers forget to honor their team members individually and as a group. Or, only do so if there is a win! It’s important to remember that even a failure can provide positive learning opportunities. Conduct a group debrief of What Worked? / What Didn’t Work? Celebrate. Create brags! The process honors you as the driver and your team members, too!

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A note from Jeannette: How do you put yourself in the driver’s seat? It’s not hard, but it requires a conscious mindset to decide and commit to being the driver, especially when you feel uncomfortable and ready to bail! Want to tap into my 31++ years of experience in driving results? Contact me now with your questions!

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