Develop a Winning Attitude to Achieve Great Results

“A winning attitude is priceless!” Jeannette Seibly

Winning isn’t everything, but developing a winning attitude is. A winning attitude builds confidence. It increases your ability to take initiative and be resourceful. It creates healthy self-esteem while improving your results.

Whether you win or not, you always gain new knowledge, skills, and awareness that are only available with a winning attitude. And, these experiences are priceless.

When you fail to bring a winning attitude to a project or task, you will likely produce mediocre results.

I’ve found in my 28 years of coaching and speaking with 1,000s of people, that a healthy relationship with winning is as important as learning the lessons from losing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people today have conflicted feelings and attitudes about winning. They have learned to be great losers and poor winners (yes, I wrote that correctly). This comes from intense peer pressure to conform and not overshadow others. Conversely, when you work on teams where winning is everything that has a downside too.

I learned a very important lesson about winning after working full-time during the day and taking graduate courses at night to receive my master’s degree. It occurred at my celebration party. Some people didn’t attend, and the reason why was a former co-worker told them, “She doesn’t deserve it!” Huh? The lesson? Not everyone will be happy about your success, but you cannot let that stop you from developing a healthy winning attitude.

“Too often, people dream the dream but fail to commit to making it happen.” Jeannette Seibly

4 Tips to Create a Healthy Winning Attitude

  1. Take Initiative. Too often, people dream the dream but fail to commit to making it happen. They want to win but fear the time and effort required. There is also a very real fear that it will negatively impact their relationships. To achieve my goal of paying for my master’s degree, I researched and wrote the education reimbursement policy for my employer. The company approved it and paid for the majority of my master’s program. That’s what taking initiative looks like.
  2. Do the Work Instead of Creating Excuses. For me, it meant applying for the graduate program and enrolling in the classes. I took classes at night and studied on the weekends. Yes, I had to sacrifice participating in other things, but my commitment to myself and my master’s degree was worth it!
  3. When Obstacles Occur, and They Will, Become Resourceful! Everyone hits a wall. Sometimes it’s a really big one. But giving up isn’t an option. When one of my required classes was only offered in the afternoons, twice a week, during work hours, I had to change my work schedule from full-time to part-time. This also meant a pay cut for one term. Then, I changed companies with only 6 more credits required. Thankfully, my new boss encouraged me by saying, “Get it done now.”
  4. Celebrate the Win with Gratitude, not Ego. When you win, it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishments! Add the achievements to your resume. For me, I accepted the gift of the graduation party from my parents. Graciously accepting acknowledgments is also an important part of a winning attitude.

Remember, a winning attitude is required to achieve great results: a career you enjoy, new opportunities, and job satisfaction. For me, developing a winning attitude supported me to achieve great results in my career and in my business.

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has been an award-winning executive coach, management consultant, and keynote speaker for over 28 years. She is an expert in guiding leaders and their teams to get unstuck and achieve dynamic results. Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A Note About Developing a Winning Attitude from Jeannette. Winning attitudes require believing in yourself and taking the right actions to make it happen. That’s why It’s important today we develop a winning mindset. If you are seeking clarity about what to do, let’s start a conversation to get you into action. Contact me!

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