Embrace New Ideas to Build Loyalty

Recently, I talked with a business leader who wanted people to show up and do their work. “I know what needs to be done; they simply need to do what I tell them to do.”

While this type of mindset worked decades ago, it no longer does. Instead, every successful leader must create an innovative workplace culture that embraces new ideas while focusing on intended results. That’s how you build loyalty to yourself, your company, and company brand. And, the bonus is that your top talent will stay and continue to excel (think, improve retention).

Four Tips to Build Loyalty for Required Results

LISTEN as though your results depend on it … because they do! Your team members often have the best answers. Put aside your automatic judgment about the idea’s feasibility and who offered it. Now, listen.

Exercise: Ban electronic gadgets and ensure everyone has the opportunity to voice their ideas or concerns. When you run into naysayers, have them create five reasons why the idea could work. Now, review and allow these reasons to spark new solutions everyone can align on.

LEARN how to brainstorm … it’s not hard … get out of the way. You will not build loyalty or innovation when you are an automatic “No!” Authentically brainstorm new ideas, processes, and procedures. Be willing to go outside the box of how things have been done normally.

Exercise: Put together your goal, action plan, and timetable. Then, move the timetable back by 50% (example: if the goal is due in one year, make it six months). You’ll be surprised by the loyalty, commitment, and new ideas that can cause you to succeed when you don’t overthink them.   (Read about Pfizer’s achieving the impossible by getting the COVID vaccines to market quickly and effectively.)

OPEN your mind to new possibilities. While this sounds easy, it’s genuinely not. It’s very easy to stay comfortable, not rock the boat, and allow your biases to get in the way! Now is a great time to expand your thinking, the way work is done, and improve harnessing your team’s ideas!

Exercise: To build loyalty and new ideas, you must acknowledge each and every idea that is shared. It doesn’t mean you’ll use these ideas. But when you say, “Great idea” or “Interesting idea, tell me more,” you open up the conversations and people’s minds for new solutions.

BE RESPONSIBLE and manage for results, not personalities. Manage the project and plan of action every day or week (depending on how soon the result is needed). Stay focused on the processes and milestones.

Exercise: Ask the tough questions to ensure people are on track and not just telling you what you want to hear. Remember, it’s better to learn about problems now than after the plan or project has been launched! If there’s team conflict, resolve it by using straight talk.

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A Note from Jeannette about building loyalty for required results: Too often, you fall into the trap of wanting your team to do the work assigned and not offer new ideas. You might believe those ideas will make your job more time-consuming. Sadly, this belief keeps you in your comfort zone and will not build loyalty or retain top talent! Building loyalty and exceptional team results is not hard but requires you, as the leader, to get out of the way! Still having challenges getting your team to excel and achieve required results? Contact me for a confidential conversation.

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