Have You Uncovered Your New Leadership Blind Spots?

“Uncovering new blind spots occurs daily during this new normal.” Jeannette Seibly

Due to “new normal” changes, your leadership blind spots have changed too! Now is the time to uncover them. If you don’t, it will cost you and your team business results, job satisfaction, and career advancement.

What Are Blind Spots?

Leadership blind spots are the specific areas where a leader…even a very successful leader…is missing something. A blind spot can be a lack of attention to a certain area or a part of your skillset that never really developed. All leaders have blind spots. Exceptional Leader’s Lab

Self-analysis is of little value. By definition, it’s impossible to know what your blind spots are and how they impact others.

Common Leadership Blind Spots to Get You Thinking

Research by Dale Carnegie revealed that many leaders have blind spots around:

  • Showing appreciation
  • Admitting when they’re wrong
  • Truly listening
  • Honesty with self and others

Other blind spots include (just to name a few):

  • Believing you have all the answers
  • Allowing team conflict to be the norm
  • Treating your commitments casually
  • Failing to understand the difference between virtual and on-site meetings

6 Tips on How to See These Blind Spots and Become Effective

Use assessments and 360-degree feedback to discover your inherent strengths and weaknesses. There are three types of assessments: 1) assessments that reflect how you want to be seen, 2) assessments to show who you truly are, and 3) assessments that share how others see you. All three provide you with 20/20 insights. But, now, the real work begins. Review your results with a qualified executive coach. Then, create a plan (e.g., workshops, videos, weekly coaching calls, etc.) to develop these new skills during this new normal.

Hire an executive coach and DO THE WORK. Hiring the right executive coach to guide you through this discovery process is priceless. It eliminates the normal trial and error that otherwise occurs. Hire one that supports you to be in action. Stay away from conceptual discussions since these will not improve your leadership effectiveness or your results.

Engage with an industry or company mentor. The right mentor is an invaluable source of information. His/her knowledge about your industry and company can guide you through complex situations and sticky political relationships.

Listen to your team’s feedback. Your team wants you to succeed. And, while you may believe you want to hear feedback from your team, many of you would rather not. For valid feedback, use a qualified 360-feedback assessment. This will encourage team members to be honest when sharing their insights and feel comfortable doing so.

Dial up your humbleness. Take part in emotional intelligence workshops and learn how to tame your ego! It’s the biggest challenge for many leaders and where most blind spots live. Create awareness of your impact on others. And, hire a coach to guide you to create win-win-win outcomes, especially when your ego is the loudest!

Improve your all-important communication skills. Your ability to write, speak, and talk with others is crucial to your success. Improve these skills by recognizing your biases (and, yes, your blind spots). Take responsibility when talking with different people and focus on everyone getting on the same page.

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It’s awful to be the leader of a project that is full of conflict and saboteurs. What do you need to do to manage these before they end your career?

A Note from Jeannette about uncovering new leadership blind spots due to the “new normal.” There have been many business changes since the pandemic. These “new normal” changes also impact your leadership blind spots, since they have changed too! Now is the time to uncover them. If you don’t, it will cost you and your team business results, job satisfaction, and career advancement. Contact me for a confidential conversation.

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