How to Stop Tactless Remarks from Hurting Your Leadership

“Words matter … so choose your words responsibly.” Jeannette Seibly

It only takes a second to blurt out a tactless remark, but it can take hours, weeks, and even years for your team, boss, or customer to forget … if they ever do.

As a leader, your words reverberate throughout the company and impact your team’s results. You have a choice … your words will either inspire or deflate others.

The words you choose will impact the results you, your team, and your business strive to achieve.

Words Matter to Achieve Team Results

Here are 7 common tactless remarks guaranteed to create conflict, frustration, and poor results. So again, choose your words wisely.

Yeah, but…! This only invokes debate, defensiveness, and poor solutions! Listen with an open mind and heart. You will learn something new!

“That’s stupid.” This tactless remark is a great way to block others from wanting to share their ideas and solutions! While you may not want to hear their ideas, get over it. It’s your job as a leader to listen. Instead, ask, “That’s interesting…how would that work?” Now ask yourself, “What new insights did I learn?”

“I have the wrong team.” Although this is a common remark, it’s doubtful you have the wrong team! In reality, there may be one or two underperforming team members not committed to the goal or causing team conflict. It’s your job to get everyone on the same page. While training and developing your team, you will uncover the real issues that have hindered progress. Now, it’s time to have the tough conversations without blaming others.

“I hate this project or customer.” Expressing this remark hurts your team’s ability to produce intended results. When you “hate” something, you limit new ideas and make bad decisions. It also limits your ability to be a positive influencer. Work with your executive coach and a mentor to transform this mindset.

“I never liked working here.” Did you know, according to Gallup, that over 70% of employees are in jobs that don’t fit them … including leaders? (Numbers are now climbing!) Use a qualified job fit assessment to clarify the reason for your dissatisfaction. Now, get back in action and build the leadership skills required to engage your team and produce dynamic results.

“My team or customer or boss is a moron…jerk…narrow-minded (the list is endless)” Insulting someone’s intelligence or labeling them hurts team productivity and results. And, unfortunately, your team (and others) will mimic you! Remember, there will be times you must effectively work with and through others to achieve win-win-win outcomes. So, make it a practice to facilitate good working relationships along the way!

[absolute silence].  When tragedy, terminal illness, or a life difficulty happens to a team member, saying something is better than saying nothing. Pick up the phone (don’t text or send emails). Let the person know, “I’m sorry” or “My thoughts are with you” and “Let me know if you need anything.” You only have this one chance to let the person know they are valued. Your effort, or lack of, will impact your team members and their results for a long time. In these situations, silence is not golden.

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless 6-figure income professionals for almost 30 years. Her brags include being an award-winning international executive and family business management consultant, and keynote speaker. Recently, she was able to add another brag. She is now an international Amazon Bestselling author of, The Old Wooden Rocker. Have questions? Need a speaker or facilitator? Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A Note from Jeannette: How to Stop Tactless Remarks from Hurting Your Leadership. Every leader has made tactless remarks, even if it was only one time. While it may only take a moment to make a tactless remark, it can take hours, weeks, and even years for the team or person to forget. Apologize immediately when this happens. If the issue is still hanging around, call me now for a confidential conversation … let’s get it fixed now before it’s too late!

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