Effective Leaders Don’t Use These 7 Excuses!

“Leaders must be accountable and stop offering excuses for their poor results.” Jeannette Seibly

Many leaders say and do things they believe will make them look good! But worse, they often blame others, thinking it will excuse their poor results!

The problem? When leaders don’t take responsibility for their results, teams and bosses feel demoralized and not valued by these thoughtless excuses that make them the scapegoats.

If you want to be effective as a leader, you need to remember “words matter!” Actions and “no excuses” do too!

It’s up to you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in creating solutions, not excuses!

Don’t Use These 7 Excuses!

  1. “I need better people to get the job done.” It’s time to do a better job of hiring the right people for job fit! Improve your interviews and selection tools.
  2. “My team doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Just because a person has a certificate doesn’t mean they have the experience to use the skills! Effective leaders provide continuous training and opportunities to develop people and their “hands-on” technical, financial, operational, and people skills. Examples include diversity, listening and asking questions, budgeting, critical thinking, project planning, execution, etc.
  3. “If this person doesn’t work out, I’ll just fire the person and hire a new one.” Have you calculated the cost of a hiring mistake? It’s very expensive.
  4. “If I just had the right team, the client wouldn’t have canceled the contract.” Unfortunately, ineffective leaders lack the interest, experience, and coachability to get the intended results! It’s important to remember that every successful project has a technical/financial side (e.g., budget, plan, online project calendars) and a human side (e.g., assigning tasks based on job fit, brainstorming ideas, managing team conflict). Effective leaders have learned how to manage both simultaneously.
  5. “My boss is an idiot. We need better resources and a larger budget to get the job done.” I’ve seen leaders fired over this statement, not for the obvious reason! It’s because they did not take the initiative and find the resources to get the job done by working with and through their team! Effective leaders are accountable.
  6. “We’re stuck, and no one is helping.” If you’re waiting for someone to rescue you (e.g., boss, vendor, or co-worker), they’re waiting for you to ask for help! Don’t delay! The answers to your questions are in others’ heads, not your own. Talk with your executive coach, professional network, and brainstorm with the team. Only pick 1 or 2 suggestions and run with them!
  7. “I’m too busy to deal with it now.” Busyness is a popular excuse that conveys “you’re ineffective as a leader.” Remember the famous quote? “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Your primary job is to provide the resources, coaching, and clarity when your team needs help to get the job done. It’s how unprecedented results are achieved! It’s what effective leaders do!

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Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach. She has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless 6-figure income professionals. For the past 29 years, she has been an award-winning international executive and family business management consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Having challenges finding, hiring, and keeping top talent? Don’t wait! It won’t get better the longer you wait! It’ll only get worse and more expensive. Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation.

A Note from Jeannette about effective leaders and excuses: Many leaders say and do things they believe will make them look good. They use these as excuses for their poor results! The problem? Most teams and bosses don’t hear these excuses and instead feel the blame! If you want to be effective as a leader, you need to remember that “words matter!” Actions do too! Need help improving your effectiveness as a leader? Let’s Chat!

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